Why Do We Need Education? Why is it So Important?

Why Do We Need Education? Why Education is Important? The answer is simple. Teaching and learning is a pretty attractive thing for many people but it isn’t financially rewarding.   

In some cases, it is not even practical. In others, the cost of an education is quite prohibitive. Children in LA are in the same boat, and there are a lot of them. There is one reason and three arguments that supporters and opponents alike can take away from this argument. 

Why Do We Need Education?


Why Education is Important

  • We are not nations like other nations, we’re human


Many states like to use education as a weapon to influence children and schools in their quest to gain greater cultural influence. So, they send money to countries in Asia (one of the countries that do the best) to buy rich children to set and drive their educational systems. It’s a powerful tool for a rich state to have at its disposal. In the words of Aristotle: “wealth nations make war”.   

Many children, particularly girls, are put in positions where they are forced to drop out. Women can drop out in many different ways if not provided a safe and safe space for their education.   

I was a teenage pupil in Sussex at one point, and I remember exactly how complicated sending money was. I knew how much money I was sending the older sibling of my friend because he had his own smartphone to store it all on.   

  • We need it to provide systems such as childcare

The demand for childcare has gone out of control. The NCT sets minimums for everything in order to cater for parents who are running screaming. If they didn’t do this, we would have an influx of educated child molesters to meet the demand.   

  • Most private schools say the cost of a child’s education is prohibitive

With Brexit closing the borders of China and shutting out UK-based companies, British families are having a hard time. London nurseries are so in demand that after school clubs are cancelling classes because there are no children left. There are schools taking advantage of the situation and charging as much as they can get away with.   

Perhaps the most important argument made by the supporters of free education is that it is imperative for an individual nation. They say it helps to create the public values and norms of the country.   

Does the teaching of science and tech really help the East to create innovative products and technologies? The answer is obvious, not really, but science and tech education will only educate people who live up to our standards, thus creating a higher standard of living in the same country and all across the world. It becomes a no-brainer.   

There are important arguments for free education and no longer paying money to spend our money on making a difference in the world. Although it’s been proven wrong the thought process behind it. 


Reasons Why Education is Important?

Educational beliefs and values are important to the development of an individual. Our beliefs and values play a critical role in individual development; ranging from intellectual development to personal development.   

Education should include these beliefs and values. Education is essential in helping students learn how to adopt different types of roles in a modern, globalized society. It is important for individuals of different cultural backgrounds to understand how education plays a critical role in society.   

Educational institutions can help students to develop a realistic view of themselves, their life and society and help them understand the true value of education. Below are 6 reasons why education is important.   

  • Focus on Knowledge

Not every person has the same beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Based on cultural backgrounds, educational institutions should have programs that empower students to develop expertise and competence in different cultural communities.   

Teachers and other education professionals should encourage students to identify key skills and abilities, as well as people, that they could gain knowledge and skills from.   

A cultural competence program can be structured to strengthen critical thinking skills. For example, by engaging high school students in decision-making processes with an objective, specific and actionable outcome.   

  • Develop Prospective Intelligence


One of the core pillars of Western civilization is that individuals should acquire a positive perception of themselves. Based on a student’s belief in self and the world around them, they are expected to become responsible citizens of the world.   

First, young people grow up seeing the world with low expectations and ideas. Lack of confidence and respect of the world is negatively reinforced during childhood as children take pride in their autonomy, a sense of space and unconstrained possessions.   

For example, a person born with strong self-esteem rarely sees a man during holidays. They learn that their family is much better off than that of their relatives. 

However, our world will soon become integrated and it will be crucial to be aware of how people in other countries view our society.   

Therefore, promoting awareness of a positive world view will be a means to discourage division and reduce an individual’s risk of falling into a wider and destructive divide.   

  • Essential in Education

Schools around the world are very important, not only because they help in personal development. A comprehensive education, as well as the system we use in developing the skills, competencies and knowledge that are needed in our society, offers the best environment for our knowledge, values and values.   

Teachers ought to possess integrity and honesty, so they do not let student ideas, beliefs and political persuasions change their ideals for the worse.   

Teachers must allow students to talk about political ideas and information without any external pressure and induce real and vital thinking. Teachers must always listen to students, understand their concerns and help them understand our society.   

  • Motivate young people

It is important to have a strong program for students. This may motivate them to make a positive contribution to their countries and the world around them.   A strong student voice can give them knowledge and knowledge about what it means to live as a human being. Teachers should encourage students to ask questions and give answers and help students to come up with solutions to their problems. Teachers have a moral obligation to advance knowledge and promote mutual knowledge among people.   

  • Establish a competence base

  A well-developed ability base can transform the trajectory of a person’s life and, according to some reports, increase the rate of health and wealth. Students are the source of learning, decision-making and development in society.   

The person who possesses key skills in education has a higher chance of demonstrating such skills in different fields. And the person who has obtained such key skills will definitely earn more income.   

  • Help Adolescent Cyber-bullying victims

Youth is one of the most affected groups of victims of cyber-bullying, and this happens due to development of mental and emotional illnesses as a result of cyber-bullying.   

Prevention of this kind of bullying requires training and preparedness. Measures to address the problem of cyber-bullying are emphasized in a program of online behavior classes. It should be an essential part of educational programs to ensure equal treatment for every person’s offline and online communication. 

Education and training programs for youth should target online behavior and online communities. Such programs should build the capacity to control and manage its online communities and limit such behaviors.   

Importance of Education in Life


The world is gradually becoming a global village which has opened up the opportunities for individuals to take advantage of the communication and technology as a concept. Education is important for any given citizen because it determines the future success of any particular citizen.   

Moreover, knowledge is becoming more valuable to every individual today because it is helping us to access resources and to grow to a certain level of achievement and success. Technology has made it easier to understand what we are going through and it has helped us organize better and faster even when travelling.   

Thus, learning and education have become a critical part of our lives because we have come to know that school education ensures us to succeed in the future. Education is being encouraged as another major aspect of economic growth and it can be called as the “strong wall between the human race”.   

It is important because after finishing school education is of great help to individuals because after graduating from school, they can take care of their families and has great regard for providing opportunity of employment to African youth who are struggling to get jobs.   

Thus, it is important for Education. A person without education, who is unable to give input and has limited opportunities to get work will not have much to build a future. In such a scenario, they are unable to become capable of surviving and help their own families support themselves financially.   

Globalization and its linkages have affected the education sector in African countries like Nigeria. This is made possible because of the unavailability of capacity which even concerns education system. This is reflected when individuals who do not have an education access services in educational institutions and other services.   

There are many issues which concern and affect education in Nigeria. These issues concern budgets, personnel and technology. In Nigeria, there are many programs and supports which are in operation to provide education but this is limited because there are no materials or resources to support this.   

In addition, the cost of education in Nigeria varies from Rs. 5,000 to > Rs. 50,000 per annum depending on region. And in some of the regions some students are lucky to pay Rs. 30,000 per annum for their education.   

The cost of sending a student to school of equivalent class size in Nigerian in Lagos costs more than Rs. 100,000 per annum. These factors tend to challenge a number of African citizens to enroll in school.   

Additionally, because of increased influence of technology that has become easier to access and use in education, a number of Nigerians study abroad which is a reason for poorer countries like Nigeria trying to discover the policies and strategies to restrict technology’s ability to become better than what it is today.   

According to Barger, Brierley, and Gallagher, education reform is usually influenced by three factors. These include good public policies, government institutions, and the choices of young people.   

In addition, public policy consists of approving plans, policies, programs, laws, programs, and action. The choice of youths and their environment mainly plays a role in ensuring change in African countries.   

These choices are based on the support of government leaders and influence the choices of young people and the government. Policy is important because it help students from all regions to learn because it can focus the objectives of education which is acquiring relevant skills in order to increase their success and equip them to transform their future lives.   

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