What is Numerology Beyond Letters and Numbers?

Numerology is one of the most ancient forms of divination on the planet, and when mastered, it offers the most accurate, in-depth, and profound guidance available at this time. Numerology works with numbers as symbols for cosmic spiritual energies active in the life of an individual.

What is Numerology Beyond Letters and Numbers?

What is Numerology Beyond Numbers

Studying numerology can be a dry, black and white experience. You have books full of words, letters, numbers and calculations / combinations.

Everything you read is relevant, your brain begins to make obvious connections, and over time this leads to a fantastic web of knowledge.

However, sometimes it is difficult to FEEL these numbers… or their meaning.

You can get it mentally, but when you don’t feel something… it’s also much more difficult to revive it.

And when something is not alive, it is much more difficult to establish these connections, understand patterns, imagine scenarios or see how your knowledge is directly related to a person – his mind and heart, body and soul… from the tips of his toes, to the deepest recesses. of his being and beyond.

To see how the words in these books of numerology become actions and reactions expressing themselves in the tapestry of our world… you need to go a little further.

And this is exactly what the entire first series of posts on numerology is about.

Starting with the First, I will share some ideas regarding visualizations, images, impressions, concepts and examples.

Many of them come directly from life, things that you have seen or experienced. This will allow you to connect them to your own life… and therefore to the numbers that are relevant.

This will help you establish more personal connections with numerology, as well as help explain what they mean to other people.

Sometimes you just need to go beyond words… so let your imagination fly up as next time we’ll explore how the energies of each number can manifest in terms of experience, feelings, circumstance, and more.

Numerology Numbers

Did you know that each number has a specific connection with a specific aspect of a person’s character?

Did you know that each number is associated with a specific cosmic vibration?

Since time immemorial, man has tried to unravel the mysteries associated with a certain number. Over time, numerologists have worked to understand this hidden knowledge that exists in these numbers. 

Numerology refers to that belief system that attempts to shed light on the mystical connection that exists between numbers and people. Thanks to numerology, numbers take on much more importance and are more than just a tool for counting.

Numerology is an ancient craft with origins in Hebrew Kabbalah with elements of support borrowed from ancient Indian and Chinese civilizations.

Did you know that our free numerology readings can reveal all the secrets of your past? That, using our free numerology calculations, you can make accurate predictions about the future of a person? 

The importance of numbers has not been overlooked by our ancient gurus and scientists, who understood that numbers are the foundation of this universe and that all the relationships in this universe can be understood through a deeper knowledge of these numbers. 

In fact, one of the basic tenets of astrology is the use of numbers. Early astrologers believed in this close relationship, and every number from 0 to 9 was associated with a celestial body in the solar system. 

Using numerology, you can find out what the future holds for you. Did you know that numbers are the key to understanding your destiny in life? 

They can identify your true nature and shed light on the good fortune and wealth that is in your destiny. The numerology of your life will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and help you get through the future. 

You don’t need to keep fears about the future in mind, because your path in life will be laid out in front of you.

Ideas to Consider for the Number 1 (ONE)

In numerology, sometimes you need to understand the essence of a number, going beyond its meaning.

You do it by bringing it to life… by reflecting on how this energy manifests itself in the real world… where we all live.

Thinking about how he was seen, felt and acted… what he influences and what sensations he creates. In short… how can we experience the overall power of this number in our daily lives.

When you understand this, it will not only help you understand how numerology works in a simpler and deeper way… it will help you convey this to others in a way that is directly relevant.

That’s what this first series of articles on how to study numerology is all about, and today we’re starting with ONE.

Here is an initial list of images, examples, impressions and scenarios that correspond to the Numerological energy of the ONE, as well as meanings that you then apply to things like the Power of Birth, Peaks, Personality Numbers, etc., etc.

Some are based on personal experience, others are from my notes, and some reflect how I explain the energy of this number to both students and clients.

To work with them, you first need to look back at your life. If / when these experiences coincide, remember what they were. You can do the same using the power of your imagination … visualize yourself there as if it were a mini-movie.

How did the energy of that moment feel? How are you feeling? Your opinion? What did you do? How did you react to this experience and how did it affect you?

Examine them from the outside and from the inside and see where they go.

Number 1 (ONE): – Independence, individuality, beginning

  •     Leave home for the first time… and create your own environment, habits, lifestyle, new friends and daily routine.
  •     The moments when you make the decision to do something, whatever… there is a surprise, but at the same time, the certainty that you are doing what is right for you, right now.
  •     The answer you want is right there… no obvious thought processes required to get it… you just know.
  •     You are the first to leave the parking lot at the traffic light. The road is clear, the indicator turns green, you press the gas pedal, and the car rushes forward.
  •     Or your legs in blocks, crouching, tensed… on the edge… like a coil spring… ready and waiting for the starting pistol to fire. It fires and you move.
  •     You decide to go on vacation… I’m going to Bali for a week in June… the decision has been made… plans are yet to be discussed or organized.
  •     A brainstorming session in action when you are at the stage of implementing any idea without self-censorship (analysis has a different number).
  •     Holding a newborn and thinking… who are you going to become?
  •     Meeting someone for the first time… officially introduced or not… who are they and what role (if any) will they play in your life?
  •     Go out into the garden, open the seed pack, plant a row, then cover with soil, water and then leave (so they can do their job).
  •     Any part of life where you plant a seed carries this kind of energy.
  •     A storm is coming, the smell of rain is filling the air, the wind is blowing and the hairs on your forearms are standing on end… there is electricity around you and you can feel the change in the atmosphere.
  •     Get ready for your first day at your new job.
  •     Virtually any first day or first moment… first day of school, first date, first night in a new home, first child, first meeting, first airplane trip, first kiss, first concert, first time driving, first sip of tea or coffee in the morning, etc.
  •     And you can extend that to everything new… new idea, new thought, new experience, new friend, new ownership, new home, new car, new boyfriend / girlfriend, new course, new hobby, new passion, etc.
  •     Watching the sun rise. So, this is a new day, fresh and full of possibilities.
  •     Blank canvas, notebook, white board… pens and paints ready.
  •     The moment the bulb is about to bloom.
  •     And… Big Bang.

That’s it… try and use them as a springboard for your own ideas… you will have your own life experience that just screams ONE at you.

Think about the reasons and reasons… and then bring them back to enrich your understanding of the ONE in numerology… it will really help revitalize the entire discipline.

Ideas to Consider for the Number 2 (TWO)

Following the ONE… here is a list of images, examples, impressions and scenarios that correspond to the Numerological energies of TWO that will bring the number to life for you.

Dive into each of these scenarios and shoot an imaginary mini-movie starring you. Ask yourself… How did you feel the energy of this moment? How are you feeling? Your opinion? What did you do? How did you react to this experience and how did it affect you?

The answers and impressions received will provide you with valuable information that you can then apply to the meaning of TWO in numerology… as well as how this energy can affect each area.

Number 2 (TWO) – Diplomacy, synthesis, details, cooperation

  •     Walking on the beach or standing at the water’s edge… feel the waves lapping at your feet and / or the water flowing around your feet.
  •     Teach your child to share (and yourself).
  •     The overlap zone… is the place where two (or more) separate ideas, philosophies, doctrines, plans, people, lives, etc. merge.
  •     You can think of it as a time of adaptation, when you move from the other and two lives mix in the same space… traditions, perspectives, beloved brains, possessions… there are give-and-take, surrender and union, laughter and disagreement… and something new arises from this confusion.
  •     Alternatively, when you attended a class to learn something completely new… and over time, you discovered areas in which this relates to things that you already understood… enriching your previous knowledge and giving you interesting ideas on where they can go together.
  •     Get up, select a piece of music, play it, close your eyes and move your body in accordance with the flow of the song. No deliberate steps, no technique… just intuitive flow… following the rise and fall of sound.
  •     Any style of dance that involves feeling the flow of water… turning emotions into movement.
  •     Discussion… arising a problem, developing your information points, anticipating what angle the other side will take, and then deciding on your counterarguments to prove and advance your side.
  •     Learn when to choose a battle and how best to approach someone with a sensitive issue or when you want something. The art of managing people (good, normal and questionable).
  •     Intuition… when you walk a certain path… not because it makes sense, but because it feels right.
  •     Yours, mine and ours – from the depth of emotion to the practical realities of your bank accounts.
  •     The Yin-Yang symbol… which represents the opposing but interconnected forces of nature and being… different, but cyclically moving to and from the other as part of a living whole… an element of one enclosed in the other.
  •     A bilateral agreement or project in which two organizations, communities, divisions, etc. come together and work towards a common goal.
  •     At work… combining what was once two positions, sections or departments into one.
  •     Saturday morning… one kid is playing football, another is swimming, and the third is ballet. How do you balance each other’s needs, wants, and schedules? And how to cope / what do you do when one child’s needs prevail… at the expense of someone else.
  •     The dance of cooking… taking a few ingredients, following the recipe, chopping, cooking, and the various techniques you use to create the final delicious result. For example, how do you cook the onion for a while before adding the garlic… otherwise the garlic will burn and create a pungent taste.
  •     Also figure out where you can improve the dish… either by analyzing where you went wrong, or by pondering what settings or options you can make next time.
  •     Night dreams and day dreams

That’s all… contemplate and allow your answers to bring to life your understanding of the TWO in numerology. They will also trigger your own ideas – what does TWO tell you?

Ideas to Consider for the Number 3 (THREE)

Bring THREE to life by placing yourself in each of these scenarios and using your imagination to create a series of mini-films… where the number generates the story, the scene, the backdrop, and you are the shining star acting out on the central stage. 

Which in itself is THREE to tee.

How did the energy of that moment feel? How are you feeling? Your opinion? What did you do? How did you react to this experience and how did it affect you?

The answers and impressions received will give you valuable information that you can then apply to the meaning of THREE in numerology… and how this energy can affect every area you encounter (Pinnacles, Soul Number, etc.).

Number 3 (THREE): – Optimism, Self-expression, Sociability, Joy.

  •     Meeting a friend (or two… or three… or more) for lunch / coffee.
  •     “Oh, what a beautiful morning, what a beautiful day… I have a wonderful feeling; everything is going on as usual” Oklahoma.
  •     Your favorite driving song plays to its fullest, and you scream to it… no matter who sees or hears.
  •     Night in the city.
  •     Going to the cinema… the lights go out, the screen lights up, and for an hour or two you are completely immersed in another story, in another world.
  •     Flirting.
  •     Laughing so hard that you either start coughing… or you hear snorting… or you pee (quite a bit)
  •     “You look like a cat that has cream”
  •     Getting lost in the process or in the process of creation… quality is not necessary. It is his creativity that counts, not his results.
  •     The sounds of children playing… Playing with a dog, a teaser toy with a cat… so…
  •     Anything where games, play and playfulness are at the center of attention.
  •     The inner thrill of singing this perfect note.
  •     Likewise, you surf, ski, swim, dance… or do any physical movement, and for a moment everything syncs up and you’re in the zone.
  •     Doing something just because you like it and / or it makes you happy… no guilt, no agenda, no regret… just pleasure.
  •     The queue for tickets for a concert, a new gadget, a special event, a Boxing Day sale, and the wait that comes with it.
  •     The feeling you get when you go to bed and it was a good day.
  •     Performing in a play, school musical, garage orchestra, choir, toastmaster, poetry reading, etc., etc.
  •     Honeymoon period.
  •     Embark on your long-awaited holiday adventure… feeling the thrill as the plane picks up speed for takeoff, or when your car pulls off the road as you begin your journey.
  •     Meeting someone whom I have not seen in years… and it seems that time has not passed at all.

Think of all the things (small and large, planned and spontaneous) that simply bring pleasure and enjoyment into your life.

For me, this is what I call a “beach vacation” warm sun, cool breeze, walking on the sand with waves splashing at my feet, looking for seashells and just enjoying the moment… it makes me happy, and this is the type of energy I equate to THREE.

Try it yourself… what is it for you? Take this feeling and apply it to this number.

Ideas to Consider for the Numerology Number 4 (FOUR)

The number four in the numerological meanings of numbers represents exactly what it says, for example, the four edges of a wall or a pillar. This number is as solid as numerology 4, as life can be. People who identify with this number are too scrupulous about structure and organization, in fact, are considered boring. 

And, let’s say, it’s boring, because they don’t feel the essence and zest of life. Small pleasures that deliver an infinite amount of love are overlooked by such creatures of order and likeness.

The Life Path number 4 is reasonable and down to earth, along with solid concepts of right and wrong. They are orderly and well-organized, methodical and well-managed, they are decisive and systematic in what they do, with a step-by-step method of reasoning to solve problems. 

Whenever they are fully committed, they don’t throw away the towel very easily.

Ideas to Consider for the Numerology Number 5 (FIVE)

The numerological number 5, saturated with energy and liveliness, is not for those who like to be attached to something traditional and conventional. It does an excellent job with everything related to advertising work, this company loves to walk, and not sit at work from 9 to 5.

People with numerology 5 as their number are looking for freedom more than anything else. They are adventurous, restless, always on the move, constantly looking for change and variety in their daily lives. 

These people have a free spirit and want to diversify their daily life. If they do not experience the adventure, their own daily life will become too dramatic.

Ideas to Consider for the Number 6 (SIX)

By their nature, they are helpers, these people strive to make the world a better place and want to help and cherish every unfortunate unfortunate soul in every possible way.

People who find themselves in this world with the numerology of the 6th life path will be extraordinary educators. If males, they will save the girls in trouble. When it comes to men, they tend to become a mother to a little boy.

When you have Numerology 6 on your chart, you will be home-oriented, family-oriented or community-oriented, caring, loving, understanding, thoughtful, reliable, trustworthy, and enthusiastic about pleasing others. 

You will be an exceptional caregiver as well as a breadwinner and will enjoy simply helping other people, and this is especially true of your loved ones as well as your good friends. Your life is based on family and home, and you also have very strong tendencies towards raising children. 

The phrase “home” is likely to identify you very well, and the only activity that you are likely to really enjoy is staying at home with your mother or father.

Ideas to Consider for the Number 7 (SEVEN)

Believer in mysticism and philosophy, the number 7 is one who seeks to understand the various complexities of life. The meaning of the number seven in numerology is someone who is likely to study a lot in order to satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge and all that is unknown.

Numerology 7 will be mysterious and they won’t really like it when you find out who they really are. Intelligent, analytical, insightful, conservative, natural inclination towards spiritual topics, private, lonely, pessimistic, secretive, and also insecure; are among the characteristics of people introduced into numerology 7 Life path. 

A person who can be described as life path 7 numerology is actually a thinker. If your life path corresponds to numerology 7, you will be wise and thoughtful. You look for truth and wisdom in everything you do, and look for these hidden explanations in every little thing. You usually tend to be idealistic, and you expect the same from everyone around you.

Ideas to Consider for the Number 8 (EIGHT)

These very patient and serene personalities will take the time to explain the difficult things in the simplest ways. If you are an 8 numerologist, you will be talented with instinctive leadership as well as the ability to amass remarkable wealth! 
Your journey may lead you to Numerology 8 to ultimately figure out the real difference regarding wealth and the real importance of life. You have a wonderful natural talent for management, and you are also well aware of the material world around you.
You automatically figure out what makes almost any business work, and you always look to the longer term. You were born to be in control and visionary at all times! Influence as well as authority can come to you effortlessly – by saying that you will likely find that it can be lonely at the top. 
You will be very effective in any enterprise where you can act as a managerial decision maker, especially in corporate and financial matters.

Ideas to Consider for the Numerology Number 9 (NINE)

Probably the strongest number in the numerology lineup is nine. It depicts the level of self-actualization and realization, as well as the one at which the point of satisfaction and self-actualization is actually reached.
Numerology 9 will be altruistic, philanthropic, culturally aware and deeply serious about the state of the world. They have great sympathy along with idealism. 
They are idealists and can invest their lives in wanting to fully understand some aspect of their utopian vision, sacrificing dollars, precious time, and energy to make the world a much better place. They can find their final fulfillment in bestowal.
Numerological numbers are important and meaningful, and if adhered to properly, they can actually help improve your life in more than one way.

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