Top 10 Things Couples Should Not Share

What’s are the top 10 Things couples should not talk about? What’s are the Top 10 Things Couples Should Not Share? Some of the basic things that you should never tell your partner about are outlined in this article below.

It has been proven that the relationship between husband and wife is the strongest and at the same time weakest, like a thread. Some people try to make it clear that this is not the best option, for example, when the wife or husband thought that she / he should share everything with him / her so that he / she could accept her / him with all the weaknesses and strengths, it seemed very interesting when reading novels and watching in films / dramas, BUT the reality is completely different. 

We have to keep a lot to ourselves. We share many things with one friend and share other things with another friend because we know what kind of friend we have and what things he or she can digest. It’s different with a husband / wife, whether they look like your friends or act as your supporters (or as fathers / mothers), but this is a completely different relationship, so you need to think before you speak.

Things Couples Should Not Share

The 10 most important things that a wife / husband should not share with her husband / wife can be changed for individual differences, but in general the problems are: –

  1. Stories about friendships

    Things Couples Should Not Talk About

    We pride ourselves on telling stories of our friendships and their accomplishments to our husbands / wives, which also causes a feeling of struggle in men as they take it as bragging and sometimes try to prove themselves better by making their wives worse. verbally or non-verbally.

  2. Complaints

    Things Couples Should Not Talk About

    Wives, please do not talk excessively in front of them about the reactions of your husband’s family and especially about the complaints of their parents, do it once a month if it bothers you too much, but frequent complaints about the husband’s parents and family can cause him to blame you and you. your family is in revenge. So be confident in your relationship by being silent. It will help you live a happy life with your husband and his family.

  3. Stop writing diaries

    You should not share your diaries with your partner, it can be dangerous for a relationship in a longer rum, because written evidence is always dangerous, stop writing dairy products, do not give your secrets to the public.

  4. Apprehensions

    Wives share their concerns about their husband’s colleagues or usually show their rejection by speaking negatively about their husband’s colleagues and friends, which can lead to fights, in which case husbands have to pay in kind. Sometimes they try to prove themselves better, verbally or non-verbally, forcing their wives to obey.

  5. Family gossips / matters

    Do not share your family gossip or family fights with your husband / wife, in this way you show your weaknesses to your husband / wife so that he / she will cut out remarks about you and your family when he / she ever takes offense at you or with the family. Therefore, before falling into unnecessary emotions, remember this before telling anything to your husband to wife.

  6. Privacy

    Wives / husbands should not leave their cell phones uncorded, as accidentally if your husband / wife catches your messages or phone calls (your gossip about laws, about him / her or any other matter), it can become a problem, in Likewise, do not share your emails or Facebook passwords with your husband / wife. This does not mean that wives / husbands should cheat on their husbands / wives, but they should only keep something in their private life.

  7. Affairs, breakups or experiences

    We should not share our previous affairs, breakups or experiences with our husband / wife, because sometimes wives think they want to be a pure photo in front of their husbands, so they don’t need to, if you say this to your husband one day it will open the door of doubt and suspicions in his minds that can never be restored.

  8. Siblings secrets

    Do not share the secrets of your siblings with your husband / wife, their views or the type of relationship with siblings, this will cause a feeling of disrespect in the husband’s / wife’s heart for her family, or the husband / wife may try to ignore your relatives in the future.

  9. Professional problems

    10 Things to Avoid in A Relationship

    Few people said that a wife should not share with her husband her professional problems related to other male colleagues, as it hurts the male ego and his first reaction will be to complain about him (her colleague) or he may also ask her to leave work. or, if he is an aggressive person, he may respond aggressively in any way, whether towards his wife or a colleague.

  10. Comparison

    Things You Should Never Share with Your Partner

    Mostly women, when they get married, they start comparing their father and their brothers with their husband, and usually they give the example of her parents, siblings in every what the husband does or says, so they need to understand what they have husband, his not their father or brother, so they should expect him to act and react like their husbands, regardless of whether they tell emotional stories about their fathers or brothers about loving and caring for her, nevertheless, he remains a husband, so wives should stop doing this and stop sharing what their father or brother does or does not do to their husbands, as this annoys husbands, and sometimes, if they are in the mood to do good to their wives, they do badly in anger.


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