How to Write Address on Envelope in India in a Proper Way?

In writing a letter, most especially a business letter, it is very crucial to consider the tips on “How to Write Address on Envelope” in a proper way. Through this, you will not waste somebody’s time to deliver your letter and the recipient will directly obtain the information you want to convey to him. The heading is the very first thing you can read in a letter. It will bear the necessary details about the recipient. It is important that it will be properly written.

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How to Write Address on Envelope in India
Addressing a Letter
Guidelines for Filling Out an Envelope
Tips to Address a Letter

How to Write Address on Envelope in India?

Here are several main points you must consider on “How to Write Address on Envelope in India” properly.

Addressing a Letter

Got things:

  • – Envelope
  • – Title
  • – Pen
  • – Vouchers

Step 1. 

The title or heading is carefully written in the upper left corner of the envelope.

Step 2.

Name of the sender and / or the company to write the first line of the address.

Step 3.

Write the address and apartment number or office with a post office box number in the second line of the address.

Step 4.

E-stop numbers, which can be added when you send a message to a large company. This is done to distribute the e-mail when you write a number of office or apartment in the second line.

Step 5.

City name to be written and then the name of the state and zip code in the third line of the address.

Step 6.

In the fourth line of the address, write the name of the country.

Step 7.

Write the address in the correct sequence in the middle of the envelope.

Step 8.

In case of business letter, company stamp should in the upper right corner of the envelope. Seal properly and can be pasted on the same side of the envelope where the address is written.

Addressing a Letter

It is very relevant to be cautious when addressing a letter. Although most of letter senders does not follow the right way of letter addressing, it is still very important to know how to do it. There are a lot kinds of letter. Preferably for occasions. It can be formal or not. Wrong letter addressing could bring some problems to the sender. 

Before, letters are addressed by postmen. Now, letters can be addressed through fast cargo. Since fast cargo is not the same with the manual way of sending letters, errors on addresses due to informal writing might bring back to you the letter you have sent.

Here are some points and steps which you can follow to be able to perform the correct way of addressing a letter:

  • Write the title in the upper left corner of the envelope.

  • On the first line, write your name, company of the sender.

  • Write the full address of the sender on the next line.

  • Add other information which you think are necessary.

  • City name, zip code is located at the end part of the sender’s side.

  • Place the address at the center of the envelope.

  • Put a stamp on the upper right of the envelope.

  • Place the letter inside the it and seal it properly.

Make sure that you have placed a zip code on the letter for it to be easier to send to the recipient. Keep in mind that though many are using informal way of addressing a letter, it is much better and impressive to look. 

Apparently, job hiring’s are still requiring applicants to submit application letters that needs to addressed formally. Addressing a letter to someone with the right way of doing it is somehow showing respect to the recipient. 

Moreover, it can help those who are obliged to do the transporting of your letter much easier. Those are the easy and simple ways of addressing a letter and it is up to you to follow it in order for you to send your letter properly and without problems.

Guidelines for Filling Out an Envelope

  • Make sure that the way you will write the address will match to the way you write the letter. If the letter is encoded, the you should also encode the address. Handwritten letters should have handwritten addresses.

  • You should address your recipient on the name he or she uses on his own correspondence.

  • Write the address neatly on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

  • Start to write the sender’s name or company’s name of the first line of the address.

  • Include in the second line of the address the sender’s street number along with its post office box number or the P.O Box.

  • When sending to a company, you need to add its mail stop numbers on the second line.

  • The city name is written on the third line. A space after it is the name of the state which can be represented by two capital letters. Then, the zip code follows after it.

  • The country name is written in the fourth line of the address.

  • Follow the procedures when writing the mailing address. The mailing address should be written in the center of the envelope.

  • Fasten the postage stamp with a glue or paste on the upper right-hand corner of the envelope.

  • Address the envelope before inserting the contents to avoid them from being damaged.

  • Be sure that the address you wrote consists complete details.

  • Avoid putting tapes over the stamps so that the processing machine will be able to read it.

These steps will help in making the delivery fast. Do not forget these few steps on How to Write Address on Envelope so that your mails will not be returned to you.

Tips to Address a Letter  

With the advent of the internet, I stopped the fashion of sending messages to friends and relative. Replaced by e-mail. 

However, no commercial messages continue to be used for official purposes. With this, the need to address on the envelope to learn that. If the proper care is not in addressing the envelope, and this message reaches the destination in a timely manner. 

Envelope company is the first impression of the sender in the eyes of the recipient. While addressing an envelope, a professional ethics are important and form an important part of communication.

Should be ensured that Zip is, because it will take delivery faster and easier. Must write the full name of the person in order to avoid any confusion.

Before writing the address, they should ensure that it is not correct and complete. It must be written prior to the contents of the envelope. Must be used sink water users and must be carefully written language so that everyone can understand. Should not be placed on the bar character, such as processing equipment will not be able to read them, and because this will be returned to this letter.


Here are some of the best FAQs you want to know about to write an address on an envelope in India: –

Q1. What do you write on an envelope to India?

Answer: Sometimes letters to India are addressed with the country’s name in the title, and other times they are addressed with the country’s name in the body. There’s nothing wrong with using either format, but the first style has been used for so long that it has become a convention. The second style is known as the body style, and it is also perfectly acceptable. The body style is often used when the country name is included in the address, such as when a person sends a letter from New York to Mumbai, India.

Q2. What do you write on the front of an envelope?

Answer: When you write a letter, a package, or an envelope, the front side is the first thing the recipient sees. It’s the first impression you give, and it’s an opportunity to make a good first impression. The wrong words can cause even more damage than no words at all. The right words can set the tone for the whole letter, package, or conversation.

Q3. How do you address an envelope attention to someone?

Answer: You can address an envelope to someone with “Dear [person’s name]” or “To [person’s name],” depending on their role in the correspondence. For example, if you’re writing a letter to your congressman, you’d address the envelope to Dear Congressperson. On the other hand, if you’re writing a letter to the CEO, you’d address the envelope to To CEO. This helps you avoid addressing the envelope to “Cc: [person’s name]” or “Cc: CEO,” which is impersonal and may not get read.

Q4. How do you Write your address on a CV?

Answer: One of the most important details on your resume is where you’re officially supposed to put your address. This is usually the first thing employers see when they look at your resume, so it’s super important that it’s correct. Your address will typically be found on the top or bottom of your resume, and it should include your name and contact information. Most formatting rules for addresses also apply to your contact information, so make sure to keep your contact information consistent throughout your resume and CVs.

Q5. How do you address an envelope to Sir and Lady?

Answer: When addressing an envelope, it’s polite to use the formal “Sir” or “Lady” to address an envelope to a person. You may also address an envelope to a company or organization by using the appropriate formal title. For example, if you are addressing an envelope to Sir John and Lady Jane Smith, you would write “John Smith, Sir, and Jane Smith, Lady” on the envelope.

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