How to Reduce Dark Circles Under My Eyes | Best 21 Ways

One of the biggest beauty questions of all time is How to Reduce Dark Circles under the eyes. Dark circles not only reduce a person’s attractiveness, indicating fatigue or lack of sleep, but can also age a person far beyond their years. 

However, these beauty oversights don’t have to be permanent. There are many ways to reduce dark circles under the eyes and bring your eyes back to the fountain of youth.

How to Reduce Dark Circle Under My Eyes?

How do I remove dark eye circles

Dark circles within the eye may be unavoidable. Some people believe a dark circle around the eye makes them look tired and old. They seek for homes remedies and therapies as they have minimal appearance. Keep reading to find the best ways to reduce shadow under the eyes. 

How do I remove dark eye circles in easy way? Here are 17 ways explained below:

  • Dilated or ruptured blood vessels

Blood vessels under the eyes are the main cause of dark circles under the eyes. As the skin under the eyes becomes paler or thinner, the vessels under the eyes become more visible, which creates the appearance of dark circles. 

Also, when these blood vessels swell or rupture, it can lead to dark under the eyes. Regardless of what is causing these circles, reducing them will make a person healthier and younger.

  • Add some lemon

Drinking lemon in water daily will help reduce dark circles under the eyes. This is because lemon acts as a liver and whole body cleanser. It removes toxins from the body that can cause blood vessels to rupture. 

Thus, by consuming more lemon juice, a person can prevent and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and get a system that is also cleared of toxins that can also damage other areas of the body.

  • Reduction with eye creams

There are many eye creams on the market that can help reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin under the eyes, reduce puffiness, and lighten dark circles under the eyes. It is best to opt for an eye cream that also has an SPF to protect the fragile skin under the eyes from sun exposure. 

Also, when choosing the best eye cream for dark circles, make sure you choose one that contains vitamin C and a retinoid that have a skin lightening effect.

  • Concealer & eye makeup

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to completely get rid of dark circles under the eyes. This is why, in addition to a great SPF eye cream, a person should also add an effective under eye concealer or some type of eye makeup to their daily routine. 

For dark purple under eye circles, opt for a very light peach concealer. This will neutralize the purple color and brighten the eyes. In addition to concealer, it is best to also wipe the under eye area with a brightener. This will also help set the concealer so it doesn’t wash off throughout the day.

Even with its drawbacks, there are many steps you can take to reduce under-eye darkness. By adding lemon juice to water or other drinks daily, a person can significantly improve the appearance of blood vessels. 

By combining this trick with a great eye cream and brightening eye makeup and concealer, dark circles can be a thing of the past. Try one of these methods today and see how much it changes your appearance.

  • Skin care diet

One of the best things I’ve seen for maintaining healthy and youthful skin is diet, not diet, lifestyle changes to control weight, and even lose weight. 

To be honest, some of the worst cases of skin problems I’ve seen are related to people being overweight and suddenly decided to lose weight without realizing that their skin was severely stretched and as a result they had various other problems, especially when they are over 50 or 60, but even at 20 years old. It happens to the best of us. But it’s not only that.

If you eat a healthy diet and otherwise give your skin the nutrients it needs to maintain overall health. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals to take care of itself, it needs antioxidants to fight free radicals, and it needs good fats to maintain moisture without oiliness. 

All this is necessary for him to keep everything under control and really take care of everything that concerns your skin in general. 

Thus, if you eat a healthy diet, a healthy weight and internal organs are not the only benefits. You will also see benefits in various other areas that you may not have thought of initially.

  • Lifestyle changes

There are a few simple things you can do to dramatically improve the look of your dark circles without spending a dime.

  • Stay hydrated

According to the Institute of Medicine, men are required to drink 13 cups of drinks every day, and women – 9 cups of drinks a day. Link When your body is hydrated, dark circles become less visible.

  • Change your sleeping position

When you lay on a flat surface, liquid can accumulate on the skin under the eyes and make dark circles more visible. Place your head on an extra pillow to keep fluid from accumulating under your eyes while you sleep.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which the skin produces too much pigment. Melanin, the pigment produced by hyperpigmentation, is the same pigment that is produced by tanning. Applying strong sunscreen to the eye area before you sin will reduce the amount of pigment you produce. Sunglasses are also a great way to protect the eye area.

  • Don’t scratch or lose your eyes

Many people with allergies develop dark circles under their eyes because they often scratch or rub the area. The skin around the eyes is very thin because it is very thin. Try not to scratch or chafe the delicate skin around your eyes.

  • Get some sleep

Lack of sleep is not a direct cause of dark circles under your eyes, but lack of sleep can make your skin look pale and less healthy. When your skin is pale, dark circles under your eyes become more pronounced.

  • DMAE: Facelift at the jar

DMAE has always been a popular antioxidant. It was originally actually used to improve brain function, and many have found that their brain function, thinking, memory and other aspects were significantly improved when using DMAE, now called a canned facelift. In fact, the main advertising gimmick for DMAE products is now a “facelift in a jar” rather than an element of brain power.

With this in mind, DMAE is actually a canned facelift because it is the only natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to improve the condition of a flabby face. It doesn’t really matter now. It doesn’t really look like a facelift, the results are much less. But they are visible, they can be measured, etc.

In addition, as an antioxidant, DMAE automatically becomes an ingredient that can actually prevent future aging. It fights free radicals and other things that can damage your skin. So if you look at DMAE and its anti-wrinkle ability, that’s great. 

But its ability to help overall health is significant as well. So all things considered, DMAE is definitely something I would recommend to anyone who is serious about fighting wrinkles and the like. This is by no means an extreme ingredient. But he gives results that others do not.

How do I Remove Dark Circles Naturally?

Home remedies are often used in place of traditional treatments for illnesses and ailments, and dark circles are no exception to this rule. Knowing the root cause of dark circles, whether it’s allergies, genetics, or some other problem, can be helpful in choosing a remedy. 

Home remedies for dark circles not only provide a more natural approach to healing, but are generally less expensive than eye creams and traditional treatments. Here are some natural home remedies for dark circles that may help: –

  • Food additive cocktail

Since dark circles can often be the result of vitamin deficiencies, taking a combination of nutritional supplements can go a long way in reducing or eliminating the raccoon effect. Vitamin K deficiency has been linked to dark circles. 

So, by introducing daily supplements of this vitamin, a person can begin to reduce dark circles. Choosing a multivitamin, which also includes vitamins B, iron, and E, which are linked to eye health, may be more effective.

  • Cleansing the nasal passage

Cleaning the nasal passages with saline can help reduce inflammation as well as swelling of the blood vessels in the nasal passages. This can be done with a neti pot for flushing the sinuses and nasal passages, or with a simple nasal spray. Both will help reduce the swelling that makes the blood vessels under the eyes more visible through the skin, thereby reducing the darkness under the eyes.

  • A mixture of tomato juice, lemon and spices

Another great natural remedy is an under-eye mask. This can be done by mixing a teaspoon of tomato juice, three drops of lemon, and a tiny pinch of turmeric. Then add flour to this mixture until it looks like a paste. Apply to the under eye area for about 15 minutes and then rinse. This herbal remedy is known to tighten skin, reduce puffiness and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

  • Apply liquid vitamin E

In addition to taking vitamins, applying them directly to the skin is also known to help reduce dark circles under the eyes. Buy vitamin E tablets from your local drugstore and simply poke them with something like a pin or the tip of scissors. Then apply the vitamin E liquid directly to the skin under the eyes. This remedy is known to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

  • Witch Hazel

An astringent is a liquid or agent that can shrink or tighten the cellular tissues of the skin. They can be purchased at a higher price from pharmacies and department stores. 

However, witch hazel is a plant that does this naturally. Just buy witch hazel extract from your local health food store and apply a few drops to cotton pads. Apply them on the under eye area for 15 minutes to plump skin and reduce dark circles.

Home remedies work just as easily as store-bought creams or medications, and usually provide more natural benefits in treating skin conditions and conditions. They also provide an economical way to reduce dark circles under the eyes. 

Whether it’s clearing your nasal cavities due to allergies or including more vitamins in your daily supplements, natural remedies can help reduce dark circles.

Many people suffer from dark circles around the eyes, which are also known as dark circles or the raccoon effect. Circles are caused by many factors that affect the blood vessels and the skin under the eyes. 

With so many treatments and creams on the market, it is difficult to know what is the best solution for this aesthetic problem. However, many are surprised to find that there are simple methods that can be used to naturally reduce dark circles.

  • Drinking water

Hydration is a key component of all bodily processes, but ultimately it can affect the appearance of the skin as well as the skin under the eyes. This is because blood vessels dilate and swell when the body is dehydrated. 

When this reaction to dehydration occurs, the blood vessels under the eyes can become darker and more visible, causing dark circles. Drinking more water daily can help reduce the body’s response to dehydration.

  • Rest

The right amount of rest or sleep can strengthen the entire body, but especially the skin. Lack of rest can lead to paler skin and sunken eyes. These skin and eye changes can make dark circles more visible. By getting enough sleep every night, a person who already has dark circles can significantly reduce their appearance.

  • Wearing sunscreen

The sun is great for getting your daily dose of vitamin D, but it’s terrible for the collagen in your skin. As the sun breaks down collagen in the skin, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner. As the skin becomes thinner, dark circles become more visible. 

Applying sunscreen on your face daily can help prevent collagen breakdown as well as protect your face from skin damage in general. Try using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, but the higher the better.

  • Tea bags, cucumbers and spoons

The area under the eyes loves everything cold. The coolness of a cucumber slice in front of your eyes for 15 minutes can not only reduce puffiness, but also tighten the skin under your eyes. 

If cucumber is not available, you can also try chilled herbal tea bags or even spoon chilled in the freezer for the same effect. This has less to do with the nutrients in the cucumbers, but more with the application of a cool compress to the eyes.

If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, you don’t have to live with it. In addition to home remedies and treatments, there are many ways to reduce the raccoon effect and make your eyes and skin look younger and healthier. 

By simply applying these methods and daily regimens, a person can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.


Many people who are struggling with attempts to treat dark circles may be treating the wrong cause. Not all dark circles are caused by the same problems. The cause of this beauty problem can range from environmental factors to the genetic makeup of a person’s DNA. 
Knowing the cause of the problem is, in fact, the best way to diagnose and successfully treat the problem. Here are some common causes of dark circles: –
  • Allergies
The body’s immune system is very complex, and many types of allergies can cause the system to react in ways you never thought possible. Reactions to pollen, dandruff, and other common environmental elements can trigger a reaction from the body’s immune system that causes the blood vessels under the eyes to swell. 
Because only a thin layer of skin covers the eyes, these swollen blood vessels can show through the skin, creating the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
  • The case of genetics
Perhaps your parents passed on more than just hair and eye color to you. Perhaps they really conveyed the dark pigment under the eyes. Genetics can play a huge role in how your skin and eyes look, especially as you age. 
The best way to determine if the cause of the problem is genetics is to apply pressure to the skin under the eyes and stretch it. If the skin darkens approximately 20-30 seconds after this, it usually means that it is a pigment problem transmitted from the family and not from the nearest neighbor’s cat.
  • Nasal congestion
As with allergies, the nasal passages can also have a huge impact on the appearance of the under eye area. When swollen nasal passages are blocked or irritated from illnesses such as a cold or flu, it can cause the blood vessels under the eyes to swell as well due to excess fluid. 
Because the blood vessels are swollen, they press on the under-eye area more, causing the skin under the eyes to appear darker. If you find it difficult to breathe through your nasal passages, dark circles may be a secondary consequence of this.
  • How do you live
A person’s life can have a huge impact on the appearance of the skin and eyes. Typical lifestyle factors that can cause circles under the eyes are smoking, dehydration, and emotional stress in general. Smoking and dehydration can cause blood vessels under the eyes to swell, increasing darkness. 
In addition, emotional and physical stress can interfere with sleep and cause pale skin. As the skin lightens, everything underneath becomes more visible and gives the impression of a very unhealthy area under the eyes.
  • Thinning of the skin around the eyes
According to genetics, a person may already have thin skin around their eyes. However, as they age, they lose fat and collagen around the eyes. Collagen is a vital protein for the body, which is found not only in the skin but also in other organs of the body. This loss of collagen can cause the skin around the eyes to become thinner. 
Thus, everything under the skin becomes even more visible, including the blood vessels.
Many different factors can cause dark circles to appear, although each of them inevitably leads to the unwanted effects of fatigue and a less attractive appearance. Knowing the causes of dark circles under the eyes will help you heal and prevent them more easily. 
Whether it’s lifestyle changes, targeted medications for allergies or nasal passages, or even the use of collagen-building creams and supplements, finding the cause and treating under eye circles can be easy and manageable.

Evaluating the use of vitamin K for dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by several factors such as dehydration, allergies, lack of sleep, or aging. As a person ages, the under-eye lining begins to thin out and this contributes to the formation of a dark and sunken circle. It can also be the cause of a hereditary disorder that affects pigmentation. 
Contraceptive use, pregnancy and sun exposure can weaken capillaries, which can also lead to dark circles under the eyes. There are some home remedies that can be used to treat eye swelling and allergies to reduce the appearance of dark circles. 
However, the best remedy for dark circles caused by aging is to take vitamin K. This vitamin is also found in some creams that can be used to treat dark circles.
  • Foods Rich in Vitamin K
Include foods rich in vitamin K in your diet. Vitamin K promotes better blood circulation and clotting. Remember to include antioxidants as well, as they help heal and repair damaged skin. Good sources of vitamin K and antioxidants include spinach, carrots, kale, broccoli, and strawberries.
  • Vitamin K Supplements
If you think you are not getting enough vitamin K from the foods you eat, you can take vitamin K supplements or multivitamins that contain vitamin K to make up for the deficiency. Taking vitamin K daily can help with general skin discoloration. Adults should take 80 mg for men and 65 mg for women.
  • Eye cream with vitamin K
Buy a vitamin K eye moisturizer and apply it on dark circles under your eyes. This is done to strengthen the capillary walls and at the same time to reduce the visibility of blood vessels in the thin skin under the eyes. This moisturizer must contain at least 5% vitamin K.
  • Other ingredients of the cream
Look for a moisturizer that contains other healing ingredients. Although vitamin K strengthens capillaries and heals skin damage, it cannot moisturize and brighten skin. 
In this case, you should look for a cream containing: arnica, which heals and brightens damaged tissues; Aloe Vera, which moisturizes, firms the skin and increases its elasticity; and retinol, which improves circulation. 
Better to list the ingredients you should look for in a vitamin K cream so that the cream can heal dark circles under the eyes, moisturize and improve circulation at the same time.
  • Cream Application
First, wash your face thoroughly with warm water and mild soap before applying the cream. This should open the pores for maximum absorption of the healing cream. 
Then, gently massage the cream onto the skin. It should be used at least twice a day, after a shower in the morning and before bedtime. If the dark circles have already disappeared, continue the application at least once a day to keep the dark circles from returning. 
The duration of the result of using a vitamin K cream can vary depending on the thickness of the skin, the severity of the dark circles and the type of skin. It may take 8 weeks to get results.
These are just some of the facts about using vitamin K for dark circles. You may have seen many options, but if you are in doubt, you can always report your concerns to the professionals.

When To See A Doctor?

Circles under the eyes, or dark circles as others call them, are the result of several factors. It is often associated with signs of aging, but is caused by other causes such as fatigue and lack of sleep. Whatever the cause of your dark circles, one thing is for sure. You want to get rid of them!

Some of you may have used tea bags and cucumbers to solve this problem. Others have found these techniques help with dark circles, but there are those who don’t. This is because we react differently to these experiences in our lives, which means that what may be good for one may not be good for everyone.

Is there any cause for concern when tea bags and cucumbers don’t work? Not really. There are other options for solving the problem. You may need eye treatments, supplements, and the like.

How did you find it? This is another problem. There are many products on the market and it is difficult to judge which one is right for dark circles. However, after listening to a few tips, you might just stumble upon the best product out there.

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