How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers? 14 Lotto Secrets Formula

If you want to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers, you only need two things: strategy and luck. You can either have a ton of strategy and a little luck or no strategy and a lot of luck. Personally, I like to rely more on strategy than luck. This is why I want to share with you 14 (fourteen) Lotto Secrets Formula

How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers?

Think of them as lottery winning strategies or principles to follow in order “How to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers”. Let’s start:

1. Decide to win

Lotto Secrets Formula

Yes, that’s right. Decide to win. Don’t think of the lottery as a random race at a huge loss, but as a sport. See it as a competition you can win. Sport is something that has two possible outcomes that you can influence. Either win or lose. 

What would be the point of going in for sports if you had already decided to lose? I’m not saying this is some kind of trick, it’s just a change of point of view. Make the decision that you will pick the winning lottery numbers. In other words, make your game more engaging. Don’t play if you don’t play to win.

2. Get organized

When you decide to play, know exactly how much money you want to spend. Determine your budget ahead of time. Also, know exactly which lottery you are going to play. Know how many records you will play. 

Finally, always know your numbers so that you can choose winning lottery numbers with confidence.

3. Don’t waste your time

If you really want to pick winning lottery numbers and are serious about winning the lottery, don’t waste time filling out tickets over and over again. With a good lotto system, you only need to fill in tickets once and then just play the same series until you win. You want it to be fun, not tiring.

4. Don’t waste your money

With the right lotto system, you don’t need to invest heavily to see results. If you just play one at random, no system, you are likely to spend a lot of money. Get organized with your spending to pick winning lottery numbers. Make sure every dollar you spend is part of your overall game plan and dedicated to your lottery.

5. Be consistent

One of the main reasons’ lotto players lose is because they don’t play all the time. No matter how big your numbers are, if you don’t play them all the time, chances are you won’t win. The night you don’t play with them may be the night they call. Decide what you are going to win and then treat each purchase as an investment.

6. Play in a group

One of the best ways to increase your chances of winning is to play in a group. This automatically gives you more tickets and helps you pick the winning lottery numbers. And when you win, it’s so much more fun!

7. Use more records

This is great advice if you can afford it. If you have been using the same series of numbers for some time and want to get big payoffs, use more entries. You will instantly increase your chances of winning.

8. Lottery winning numbers from previous draws

Anyone looking to pick winning lottery numbers has their own strategies for coming up with their numbers. Many people use birthdays, anniversaries, release dates, or other meaningful number combinations that they think are “lucky.” 

But if you are serious about the lottery and really want to pick the winning lottery numbers, there is a much more accurate method. In fact, the method I’m going to show you can increase your chances of winning by up to 90%.

9. Previous sequences increase your chances of picking winning lottery numbers

The best lotto strategy I know involves examining the winning numbers from previous draws. You see, over time, it turns out that winning numbers form patterns. Don’t assume that if you just choose “1234567”, you will win in the long run. No, it’s not like that. 

In fact, this sequence of numbers has never been used for big lottery wins. The point is that some number sequences are more likely to be selected than others. Studying this trend is the secret to success if you want to pick winning lottery numbers.

10. Don’t wait until your luck hits before picking winning lottery numbers

Don’t assume that just because your numbers haven’t been chosen for 20 years, they “must” win. This is one of the biggest thinking mistakes that lottery players make. Sequences of random numbers are not “due” to winnings. 

Perhaps 400,000 years from now, unfortunately, most of us won’t have to wait that long. The reality is that past winning numbers form patterns and you can choose winning lottery numbers by selecting a series of numbers after examining previous winnings.

11. Don’t expect to win the lottery, expect it

Picking the winning lottery numbers is more of a chance than luck: picking the winning lottery numbers the single greatest reason most people can’t pick winning lottery numbers is because they play the lottery as if winning depends more on luck. than on probability. 

What I mean? Well, if you plan on picking the winning lottery numbers by picking the first license plate you see every day on your way to work, then you’re playing by sheer luck. And, most likely, you will not win the lottery that way. 

How can you expect to win with random number selection methods like this? Notice, I said expect. In the lottery world, most people “hope” to win, but did you know what to expect?

Choose more winning lottery numbers than you can: The key to winning the lottery is to view the lottery as a game of probability. Stop seeing it as a game of luck. If you only rely on silly luck to win, you won’t separate yourself from the next guy at all. 

What makes lottery a game of luck is that there are several things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Just like betting on horse racing or playing poker, experience and strategy can help you win. 

While you cannot pick winning lottery numbers every week or hit the big jackpot, you can still win lower tier lottery prizes by selecting some of the numbers correctly.

Learn to choose the winning lottery numbers for life: let me ask you a question. What would you rather do? Sweating 40 hours a week to earn a paycheck, or picking winning lottery numbers to make a living? 

Yes, that’s right. By using the correct lottery strategy, it is possible to select winning lottery numbers multiple times. Understand, I’m not talking about winning a million dollars every week. 

But I’m talking about getting so precise that you get the right few numbers every week, which is enough to make a living. As you get better, that’s when you start to expect to hit the jackpot and pick the winning lottery numbers more often.

12. Could a dumb guy

Choosing winning lottery numbers another common mistake people make is thinking they need to know the numbers in order to pick winning lottery numbers. Have you ever approached a serious lottery player who used a complex numbering system? I have, and boy, it made me feel dumb. 

When I asked him about his system, he began to explain how he learns certain number sequences and calculates odds based on their past work. 

To select winning lottery numbers, he tried to research all the previous winning number combinations for a particular lottery, and then calculate the odds of certain sequences occurring in the future based on how many times certain numbers and sequences have won in the past and how many draws there have been in a year. I don’t know about you, but it was too difficult for me. 

In fact, when I finished talking to him, my head was spinning. I’d rather go about my day-to-day work than waste time sitting at my desk with a calculator, pencil and headache all day without getting anywhere.

How can I pick winning lottery numbers when I’m not good at math? I knew that the lottery is a probabilistic game. So, if I really wanted to win, I would have to do everything in my power to increase my chances of picking the winning lottery numbers. The problem was that I was bad at math and terrible at numbers. 

How could I understand the complex system required to win as my friend? I definitely understood the fact that studying previous winning numbers can increase my chances of winning. I just didn’t know how to do it. 

How could I choose the winning lottery numbers if I didn’t know anything about numbers? It seemed like a dead end to me.

I needed a system for picking winning numbers in a lottery: I needed a system that would pick numbers for me. 

Something that will automatically learn the numbers and different sequences in previous lottery draws and then generate a list of the most likely winning number sequences for each lottery. I realized that no system can give exact numbers, I mean that this is impossible. 

But such a system could give me the numbers that had the highest chance of being drawn. If such a system existed, it would dramatically increase my chances of winning. 

And if I kept playing, playing the same numbers every night, if I was lucky, I might just hit the jackpot. If I ever found such a system, I would definitely use it to select the winning lottery numbers.

13. Buying more tickets will not help you choose winning lottery numbers

Unless you have a good strategy for picking winning lottery numbers, buying extra tickets won’t help you. A common mistake people make is to believe that if they play more tickets, it will increase their chances of winning. 

Don’t assume that buying a ton of tickets will help you randomly pick winning lottery numbers. The problem is, what matters more is how many tickets you enter, how effective your number selection strategy is. 

If you’re just using random numbers without any prior statistical research, all you have to do to play more tickets is to throw away money.

Smart Lottery Winning Numbers Selection: If you are hoping to pick winning lottery numbers with silly luck, by buying a lot of tickets, you could lose a lot of money with no return on investment. 

When I play the lottery, I look at every ticket as an investment because I know that eventually my numbers will come up. Rather than buying a bunch of tickets and just hoping for the best, the smarter way to play is with an efficient number-picking strategy and fewer tickets. 

Then, if your budget permits, you gradually expand the range of records as your numbers begin to appear. Don’t waste your money until you are sure you have a chance to pick winning lottery numbers based on the choices you make. 

While the jackpot is an obvious goal, you can also make money by winning lower tier lotto prizes.

Don’t waste money hoping to pick winning lottery numbers: The best advice I can give new players is not to waste money buying tons of tickets, mistakenly believing that it will help you pick winning lottery numbers. 

Remember, buying more tickets is a good idea only if you know you have good numbers. I am not saying that you know that you have all six numbers, but you know that the numbers you have chosen are often found in past draws and were drawn systematically, not randomly. 

Don’t buy more tickets until you have learned how to effectively select the winning lottery numbers. This is the first step to becoming a good lottery player, which will significantly increase your chances of winning than drawing lots of tickets in the hope that one day you will randomly pick the winning lottery numbers.

14. Why you can’t pick winning lottery numbers

In the traditional lottery with 49 numbers and 6 balls drawn, there are 13,983,816 possible winning combinations. This means that your chances of winning are roughly 1 in 14 million. If you’re wondering why you haven’t won yet, here’s why. 

If you are hoping to pick the winning lottery numbers by simply picking random numbers, you will have to live a couple more millennia to do so. More precisely, about 40 thousand millennia. 

If you’ve played the same numbers for 10 years and think they are “owed” just because you haven’t won yet, think again. It just doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry, I want to teach you how to dramatically improve your chances!

How can I select winning lottery numbers with 14 million combinations? The best way to pick the winning numbers in the lottery (and ultimately win the lottery!) Is to regularly play the same numbers that are very likely to land. How do you know which combinations are more likely to land? 

Well, first of all, you know by looking at past draws. By examining the results of past lotteries, we learn that winning numbers do form patterns. By paying attention to these patterns, you can predict which numbers will fall in the future.

There is no way to accurately select the winning lottery numbers: Understand that it is impossible to 100% select winning lottery numbers. No system in the world can predict which numbers will win, no matter how large and powerful computers are. It’s just statistically impossible. But a good system will create “rules” for choosing numbers. 

The best Lotto Secrets Formula is to choose all of your numbers according to a very specific set of rules. Rules based on all past lotteries in history. Use a system that provides detailed instructions for picking each of your six numbers and you will dramatically increase your chances of winning by up to 90%. Who knows? With the right system, you can even pick the winning lottery numbers.

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