How to Make a Graduation Announcement – Top 5 Tips

How to Make a Graduation Announcement for free? If you are unsure how to start the release announcement process, let me help you. To be honest, there is nothing to worry about. The main purpose of the announcement is to tell everyone about your achievement.   

Graduation is nothing more than your education. Now that you have successfully completed a certain course, you can start sharing the news with everyone. You can certainly use your ideas or follow established procedures. 

How to Make a Graduation Announcement?

Graduation Announcement

  Below are the best tips on How to Make a Graduation Announcement: – 


  • 1. Choose a design that is good enough for your card


First, the whole process begins with the design of the card. I’m sure the process will be easy if you buy cards online. The printer will show you some good designs. 

If you are not satisfied with any of them, you can ask the designer to make some changes.   

When it comes to a postcard that talks about an ad, it’s good to use a formal design. But if it’s for an invitation, then you can definitely make the card look cool. 

When it comes to decorating your Graduation Party Invitations, this is not the limit to make your card crazy.   

But when it comes to ad, it’s best to stick to the formal side and keep the design to a minimum. 

At the end of the day, how you want the map to look is entirely up to you. So, go ahead and build it the way you want.   

  • 2. Come up with the ending wording


When it comes to formulating an end, you can simply indicate the end of your course and leave it there. But if you really want to convey the message in a very creative way, you can use your own ideas or use the help of your printer.   

If you are dealing with an experienced typographer, I am sure you can easily get advice on the correct wording. 

Feel free to ask for suggestions, and also feel free to make suggestions when it comes to the final postcard copy. This can definitely ensure that your card looks good.   

  • 3. Specify the details of your graduation course


On your graduation card, you can talk about the details of your course, and if you have other academic achievements, you can probably write about them. This will definitely make all people proud of what you have accomplished.   

If you are a ranked or alcoholic, then do not hesitate to talk about your achievements in the card. 

In fact, it will help others get to know you better. I’m sure your parents put a lot of money, time and effort into you and your education.   

If you are a very good student, then I am sure that your parents will be very proud of you. 

When it comes to telling the world about your academic accomplishments, your parents will definitely feel great because it will make them feel really good about their upbringing. Do not hesitate, even if you are the best in your class.   

  • 4. If you want to add your own picture to the card, do this


The best way to decorate your graduation card is to add a picture to it. I am sure you will be interested in printing your photo on a postcard because it is a memorable occasion. 

Your friends and family can definitely deserve this postcard for years to come if you print your photo on it.   

Not only that, if you print your photo on it, you can proudly show it to your next generation, and they will surely enjoy looking at themselves in their youth in a few decades.


  • 5. Make sure you send cards to everyone


After the entire design and printing process is completed, you need to send all the cards to the addresses of your friends and family members. 

Not only that, some people also send out an ad to potential employers to communicate their educational achievements. Graduation announcements can be as simple as possible. 

If you have any specific ideas, you can bring all your creative ideas to life when it comes to making your ad a little more interesting. 

It is highly recommended that you choose the best stationery card supplier or printer available on the internet. It will definitely speed up the process and is also affordable.   

Plus, you can definitely take advantage of some of the deals that most of these online printers provide. This will make the whole process economical for you. 


Graduation Announcement Wordings


Maybe the release announcement wording you want to use is somehow stuck in your head; or maybe you’re just not sure when is the perfect time to formulate your prom announcements.   

But when you browse our large database of creative ideas, sayings, and poems at google, you’ll almost certainly find the perfect start, middle, and end to your drama.   

From a very formal champagne toast party to the most casual party with a bucket of beer or jugs of lemonade, your school sayings can set the tone for you.   

And for those in a hurry and who are not, we offer many special features to help, from sending your proof within one day of receiving your order, to our guarantee of printing and shipping on the same day you approve your order, and many other benefits in between.   

We are the only stationery manufacturer to offer such guarantees. This means that even the most recent celebration looks like you planned it months in advance.  


Recommended Graduation Invitations Wordings


When shopping with us, you will quickly see that you are not limited to just one announcement card wording. Let’s say you want one set of announcements for family members and another for friends, or even a third set for colleagues, or a less formal card for your friends. Using our samples, you can easily do this.   

Another feature is our help and advice on modifying or replacing any card on our website. Just ask and it will be done. Our step-by-step process is from choosing the perfect design to choosing the most ideal phrases for your release announcement.   

In the end, we make it easy for you from start to finish to get home cards in the shortest time possible with minimal hassle. 

We want to be your choice for your printing stationery, which is why our phrasing, utterance and poetry experts are here to help you. 


Wording of Online Graduation Announcements


Perhaps you or someone in your family is the author, or you need poetry or lyrics. You want to make words a personalized moment; something to remember for a lifetime. Or maybe you just want a simple design so friends and family know when and where to get together, without any frills or fuss.   Both ends of the spectrum can be found on our site, from preschool to high school to high school. Plus, look out for our special promotions like 10 free cards and free shipping, print and same day delivery, and more – all just our way of saying “Thank you” to our customers for letting us to be their choice for stationery.   We are very proud of the variety of exclusive release announcement phrases offered on our site and are confident that you will find our collection useful.  


University Graduation Announcement Wording


Congratulations on your status as a future college graduate. Between preparing for your final exams and making your graduate plans, you’ll also want to let your friends and family know that you’ve reached a significant milestone in your education by sending them graduation announcements.   Before ordering or printing your own graduation announcements, you will need to decide exactly what your verse or wording should be.  



  • Include basic information. If you want people to attend your opening ceremony, you will need to provide the name of the school; date, time and place of the ceremony; and what degree you will get.


  • Keep your language formal. Save funny comments or cute phrases for a separate invitation.


  • Add the reception information to your official announcement or as a separate invitation if there is a reception or party in your honor. Provide the time and location of the reception (including main directions), and a telephone number or return card for guests to RSVP.


  • Indicate your preference for gifts. If you do not want to receive prom gifts from family and friends, you will need to indicate this in your ad. If you do not mention gifts at all, this means that you are ready to accept small congratulations from your loved ones.


Final Words


After you make your Graduation Invitations, you can decorate them by sticking a little tape or rhinestone in the center at the top to give the cards more grace. 

You can also use quilling to gracefully create strips of paper shapes for your ads. I think these tips on How to Make a Graduation Announcement will help a lot..  

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