How to Choose a Career Explained in 10 Steps

How to choose a career? This can be an extremely intimidating and overwhelming experience for many people. The thought of deciding how to spend a large portion of your days for the next few decades can be frightening. That being said, with the right tools and action items, you can find the right career.  

The world is going through a great transitional phase due to rapid economic growth and social and political changes. The development of industries and service sectors helps create many job opportunities. 
The level and quality of education has improved due to the consistent use of modern technologies and research methods. But it is quite difficult to decide which field is the best to pursue a career in.

How to Choose a Career?


How to Choose a Right Career

Choosing the right career is an important decision in your life. Your lifestyle, financial situation and your position in society depend on it. Due to the fierce competition in the market, a well-planned career is a must in order to survive in the market.    
So, each person should have detailed information about the steps in the process of choosing the right career. The right direction and flawless execution of your career plan can lead you to success in your field of work.  
One of the first steps in how to choose a career is determining what it is you like to do. While this may seem like common sense, not everyone takes the time to really think about what it is they enjoy doing.
Even if someone does get that far, they don’t often take the next step, determining where that passion could be worthwhile in the working world.
Although you may love to garden as a hobby, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to work for a landscaping company.  
Below are a few ways to help you narrow the search and zero in on what career best suits you.   
  • 1. Make a List

  List out your favorite things to do, along with skills and talents you have. Separate out the items you would like to keep as hobbies, versus things you could see yourself doing for a career.  


  • 2. Assessment Tests

  Assessment tests are a great way to hone in on career avenues of interest. These tests ask questions in such a way that they are able to provide you with career paths that fit your likes, skills and talents.  


  • 3. Research

  Not only is it important to research how to choose a career, but equally as important is researching a few specific careers. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your career possibilities list, find out what the day-to-day activities include, if there is a need for that career in your general area, and if there is room for growth in that type of position.  

  • 4. Classes

  If one of the careers you are considering requires specific knowledge or education, think about taking a class to delve a little deeper into the subject matter. Professors, teachers and other instructors have all helped individuals figure out how to choose a career, and they will be happy to help you as well.  


  • 5. Internships / Job Shadowing

  Whether paid or unpaid, internships and job shadowing opportunities are an excellent way to get a feel for a particular career, and they aren’t just for students. 

Speak with local companies, contact the college you attended and search the web for different opportunities to get your feet wet in a particular field/industry. 
Not only is it a quick way to determine if you have an interest in that type of career, but with a set timeframe, you are not committed to the specific job if you find that it’s not for you.  

  • 6. Networking Groups

  If you have an interest in a certain field, attend a local networking organization meeting that is specific to that field. This is a great way to meet individuals who have the type of career you are interested in attaining. 

Introduce yourself and let them know that you are interested in learning more about their career. This is a great way to get some honest insight into a career you are considering. 
Most individuals are happy to speak with you about their experiences, including some of the highlights and pitfalls of their own career choices. They are another fantastic resource as you figure out how to choose a career and which one is right for you.  

The Process of Choosing a Career


The process of making a decision about a career can be time consuming. But it is important to go step by step in order to avoid small mistakes. You may find the whole process exhausting and boring. But there are some ways to make it interesting for you.
Few of them are mentioned here: –   The first and most important task is the assessment of your personality. A career is a vital part of your life as it creates a particular image of the person and the way of living life.  
So, before taking any decision about the career, it is important to know what you like to do in your life. You can take help of following questions to decide about your likes and dislikes: –
  • What are your basic interests?
  • What are the important values in your life?
  • Which kind of personality do you have?
  • What are your weak-points?


These questions can help you to examine yourself and make a proper analysis of your personality. You can convert your interest into your work if you know the things you joyfully do. Try to choose the career according to that as it will keep you happy throughout the life and will help in self-development.  
If you know your values clearly, you can choose a career where you can follow them without any hassle. Do not compromise on your values as it can leave you dissatisfied about the job. Do not compromise on the values for the job as it can result in job dissatisfaction later.  

How to Choose the Right Career?


You need to have a clear idea about your personality to know how to choose a career. It can help to find a career suitable for your nature.  
For example; the people with an introvert personality may not succeed in marketing field but they can achieve a great success in a research and development-oriented job.  
Similarly, people with an artistic attitude may not find satisfaction in clerical and monotonous kind of job but they can succeed as painters, dance directors, architects, etc.  
Therefore, have a proper knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses before you enter in any field as a career.  
The next step in the process of choosing career is collecting information from all the sources available. After you decide your priorities and interests, try to find the related areas where you can make career.   
A person with interest and passion in dance can think about making career as a dance director, professional dancer, contemporary dance trainer, choreographer, etc. In this way, you have to find the options related to your likes.  
You need to collect detailed information about each career before completing a job in one area. Educational courses, availability of courses at universities, selection criteria for these courses, available opportunities, competition in a given field are some of the factors that should be considered when gathering information. 
  • 7. Career counseling

  This is a great way to get information about all career options in your chosen field. A professional career counselor evaluates your personality and your choices using scientific methods.  

Talking to a counselor can give you a clear idea of the skills and abilities required for a particular profession. You can judge whether you have these requirements or not. It can also help you learn about the qualifications and procedures for applying for a specific educational or professional course. 

  • 8. Coaching for career choices

  Apart from assessment tests and counseling sessions, you can opt for special training courses that are designed to educate students about choosing a career. These classes train you in a week or two about all the necessary skills that are required to choose a best option of career.  


  • 9. Social contacts

  This can prove as a useful and true source of information. You can approach your relatives, friends and other acquaintances to know about the field they are working into. They can provide you with a detailed account of a job including pros and cons of the work. Networking is important to enter in any career. 


  • 10. Personal interviews

  You can approach the people who have made career in the field you wish to choose. You can arrange for personal interviews through appointments. These are the professionals who have experience of the concerned field. So, they can share their opinions with you to help you for the decision.  

Apart from this, you can also take help from various websites, career-shadowing programs, career talks that are organized in many schools and colleges.




The purpose of this post is to educate you about the importance of choosing the right career. Making hasty decisions can be a career disaster. Many people find it difficult when they fall into an unwanted career area. They waste their energy and time in the process without any satisfactory result.  
Therefore, it is always advisable to think twice before choosing a career. This article will help you choose the right career path from a wide range of options.
In addition, it will provide you with career information in some important areas such as; banking; accounts; medical and much more. You can check out the articles on how to choose a career and create a bright future in their respective fields!

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