How to Become an Insurance Adjuster | Step by Step Process

Insurance Adjusters are also known as ‘claims adjusters’ or ‘loss adjusters’. Their role is to assess and investigate claims against insurance companies for property damage and personal injury. They also help the insurance company’s clients complete the paperwork required to file a claim. How to Become an Insurance Adjuster? To become an insurance adjuster requires … Read more

Health Insurance Plans – A Quick Guide

There are four or five main factors to consider when choosing a Health Insurance Plan, in addition to cost and benefits. This will greatly affect how good your plan is or not. These are issues of entry / exit networks, deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, and exceptions. The cost of the health insurance plan will be determined … Read more

Insurance Industry in India & Insurance Sectors

Insurance Industry in India: These days’ people are educated and they are aware about different insurance policies, they understand why insurance is so important.  Before any uncertain incident ruin your life you should secure it. But in spite of knowing everything few people don’t pay heed to it and some people give it the important … Read more

What is Captive Insurance? What are its Benefits?

In general, a captive insurance company is an insurance company owned by the insured. This trend started in the late 1950s and continues on to today. One of the primary reasons captive insurance started is certain types of businesses couldn’t find insurance at affordable rates – if at all. Therefore, they started their own insurance … Read more