64 Pranayama Quotes Text about Yoga for Health Benefits

Pranayama quotes and yoga quotes really help and motivate you to practice Pranayama yoga, which gives you a healthy, disease-free life and also creates a better environment for your daily life. What is Pranayama? Pranayama is a lesser known but important part of yoga. Pranayama is the fourth part of the eightfold yoga. Undoubtedly, it … Read more

Two Different Colored Eyes Name Explained

Each person has a different color and eye set for the next, no two sets of the same eyes! There are basically Two Different Colored Eyes variations found in humans. Like skin tones like light, dark or medium color, there are variations in natural eye colors and amber, green, violet, black, red in rare colors. … Read more

4 Different Types of Gynecologists Explained for Your Help

Here we will discuss the Different Types of Gynecologists in this article. A gynecologist is a surgeon whose major area of specialization is the treatment of diseases related to women’s health and the female genital tract.  Gynecologists usually treat diseases related to the fallopian tube, uterus (womb), ovaries, cervix (the womb’s opening), vagina and vulva … Read more

What is Shiatsu? Massage for Health and its Definition

Have you often heard people speak of Shiatsu? What is Shiatsu? Shiatsu is a slightly different massage. You have come to the right place to find out interesting information about the origin and application of this unique treatment method. What literally means “finger pressure” is much more than just that. What at first sounds like … Read more

How to Massage Face and Full Body? 11 Killer Ways

How to Massage face and body? At the training session for skin care professionals and instructing customers to massage their faces, a famous trainer of cosmetic brand said that most women are very strong when massaging or massage. Wash your face, and some massage regulations have not been given specific and clear instructions, so self-massage … Read more

4 Main Burnout Symptoms – Burned Out and Exhausted

The people who experience Burnout Symptoms perceive their own performance as low compared to the constantly increasing demands. If a person works a lot and forgets to take breaks, it can easily happen that they develop what is known as burnout syndrome. With this disease, the body falls into a state of total exhaustion, both … Read more

15 Lack of Sleep Side Effects Can be Extremely Dangerous

The Lack of Sleep Side Effects start to appear after a sleepless night. There are approximately 80 distinct sleep disorders. Most are marked by one of these symptoms including high morning sleepiness, difficulty initiating or maintaining nighttime sleep or abnormal movement and feelings that occur during sleep.  The cumulative effects of sleep reduction and sleep … Read more