CAT 2021 Exam: About, Answer Key, Result Date and Analysis

CAT 2021 Exam was just held conducted in India on November, 2021. The ANSWER KEY of the CAT 2021 Paper Test soon. And the result of this examination will be available on the CAT 2021 main page on January, 2022. The CAT 2021 was held in the following exams: CAT 2021 Reasoning and Language, CAT 2021 Quantitative, and CAT 2021 Verbal. CAT 2021 will give you an indicator of your performance, score, rank, and percentile in CAT 2021.

What is CAT?

CAT 2021 Exam Result Date

CAT Exam is a common examination taken by people who wish to study architecture in India. CAT is the abbreviation for Common Admission Test. This exam is conducted by IIM’s to identify students who meet the minimum requirement to be admitted to the post graduate program of the institute. 

The exam is a multiple-choice test in which the questions are based on various topics which are covered in an architecture course. The examiner is expected to evaluate the level of the student as per the topic and difficulty of the question.

CAT exam is conducted two to three times a year by IIM’s to identify students who meet the minimum requirement to be admitted to the post graduate program of the institute. The examination is a three-hour multiple-choice objective test with 300 questions.

CAT exam is a general test given by IIM to the people who are interested to get admissions in International Business School. The test is of two types, objective type and subjective type. It includes three sections, management, analytical and verbal. In the managerial section, the students have to answer the questions related to the Management.

CAT 2021 Answer Key


Tentative Date

CAT 2021 Answer Key

December 1st, 2021 (*tentative)

CAT 2021 Result Date

January 5th, 2022 (*tentative)

The CAT 2021 Exam will be held by IIM aspirants in India. Candidates can download the CAT 2021 Answer Key of the CAT 2021 Paper Test soon. The answer key will be available from 1st December 2021 (*tentative) or on the first week of December 2021. Candidates can download the CAT 2021 Question Paper from December 1st (*tentative).

CAT 2021 Result Date

The CAT 2021 Result Date is expected soon. The result is expected to be declared on January 5th, 2022 (*tentative) or on the first week of January 2022. You will find it on the CAT official website, social media pages and any other relevant media channels. In the meantime, you can bookmark to our website to get an update on the same.

CAT 2021 Slot 3 Paper Analysis

The candidates who appeared in the slot 3 (evening shift) gave importance to one of the sections such as the candidates should review the paper carefully and should highlight the most appropriate section.

CAT 2021 Exam Process

The CAT 2021 Exam (Common Admission Test) is a university entrance examination in India. The exam is administered by the Central Government to admission to post-graduate courses in various universities. Candidates are admitted to a course on merit in the test. The exam contains four sections, namely Section A (English language and general knowledge), Section B (Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning), Section C (Psych/Social Sciences), and Section D (Analytical Writing).

We will need to first register for the CAT exam. Admission to IIM will be based on our performance in the CAT exam and the performance of other candidates who are admitted through the CAT exam. The CAT exam is conducted in two stages: The Online test and the Offline test. The CAT 2021 is a computer-based test in which the test takers are given a time limit of three hours in which to answer a question bank.

The CAT 2021 Exam process is being done in India, the exam is paper based, and the results are released 2-3 weeks after the exam. In other countries, the same exam is conducted online, and the results are released immediately after the exam. Thus, there is a 2-3-week lag before the results are announced.

Candidates required to give a presentation on the topic of ‘Designing & Building a website’ during the interview. Candidates will be required to make a presentation on a topic assigned to them during the CAT 2021 exam. 

The objective of this exam is to test the ability of the candidate in the areas of critical thinking and analytical skills. The questions in this exam are objective and multiple-choice questions. The questions cover the entire syllabus of the course. There are four sets of questions.


Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the CAT 2021 exam that might interest you.: –

Q1. What is the CAT cut off for IIM?

Ans. The CAT cut off for IIM is the minimum aggregate score required to be eligible to appear in the CAT. The CAT cut off for IIM is 60% on the CAT. But this is the minimum cut off and it is not fixed. It varies for every candidate as per their performance. There is no fixed cut off for CAT, so you can score better than the minimum threshold.

Q2. Can a weak student crack CAT?

Ans. Many students find it difficult to do well in exams. Why is it so? Is it because there are a lot of topics? If yes, then why not study all of them instead of studying only one? The exam is very competitive and is required by most universities. It is assumed that students have no prior knowledge of CAT and the objective of this paper is to address CAT concepts and provide solutions to the questions.

Q3. Does 12th marks matter in IIM?

Ans. No, I believe that 12th marks are irrelevant and should not be the core of the entire selection process. It’s just a way of ranking candidates. What matters is your personality, how you see things and how you think. I think this is the most important part in the selection process, and it has always been and always will be, because it is the only way to objectively hire.

Q4. Which IIM is best for MBA?

Ans. IIM Lucknow is a well-established business school that has been in the business for over a hundred years. The IIM Lucknow MBA program has been one of the most sought-after MBA programs in India since its inception. The school boasts of a well-qualified faculty, a world class infrastructure and a dedicated management team for an efficient execution of the management education at IIM Lucknow. In addition to this, the school has also a rich alumni base, which is a testament of its quality and success.

Q5. Is IIM interview tough?

Ans. The IIM interview is very tough but the quality of candidates varies greatly. People who are comfortable with the Indian culture, language, and climate are much more successful at the interview. The IIM interview is hard.

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