Business Intelligence: Process, Systems, Strategy and Analyst

Business Intelligence is referred as all the necessary technologies, practices, skills and applications which are used to help the business to understand the commercial context of the business. Business intelligence can also be referred to as all the collected information.

All the predictive, current, and historical views of all the business operations are provided by the Business Intelligence. Text mining, analytics, business performance management, OLAP, data mining, predictive analytics, reporting and benchmarks are some of the common functions of the technologies of Business Intelligence.

A Business Intelligence System is also called the decision support system (DSS) as it often helps in making better business decisions.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence Systems

Business Intelligence involves techniques and strategies that employ enterprises to analyze data about data. BI technologies can deal extensively with structured and sometimes unstructured data to identify, develop and or otherwise create strategic business opportunities. It enables easier analysis and interpreting of a lot of data. 

BI is most effective when combining data obtained from the Market in which a company operates with data from company sources internal to the business such as financial and operation information.


Hans Peter Luhn an IBM researcher used Business Intelligence as a term in an article in 1958. He gave the definition to intelligence as ‘the ability of capturing the interrelationships between all the presented facts in a way to guide all the actions towards the desired goal.’

Howard Dresner in 1989 who later became a Gartner Group analyst provided Business Intelligence as the umbrella term which was used to describe ‘methods and concepts for improving the decision making of the business by making use of all the fact-based support system.’ This usage became widespread in the late 1990s.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

All the data used by the Business Intelligence is gathered from a data mart or data warehouse. However, all the data warehouses are not used for business intelligence and all the business intelligence applications do not require data warehouse.

Business Intelligence uses the data of the company to help the decision-makers in the decision-making process, which means anticipating actions and understanding the current functioning for the completely informed steering of enterprise.

The use of intelligence information system forms the basis of intelligence tools. The intelligence information system is supplied with different data which has been extracted from information related to the company or its economic data and environment or from production data. Data marts or Data Warehouses are used for the process of taking out data for decision makers.

A tool which is used for extracting all the data from the different available resources, loading them, cleaning them up into the data warehouse is called Extract, Transform and Load (ETL).

Analytic Intelligence is the tool which makes it possible to create the representations on the basis of questions for creating border tables, which is called reporting.

Business Intelligence Analyst

The most important factor that is responsible for propelling any company is business intelligence. 

Every company is aiming to procure that elusive piece of data or get systematic processes in place that can take them ahead of their competitors. This job is done by specialist business analysts who can derive actionable insights for their clients.

The role of a business intelligence analyst has gained great significance, especially in the face of intense competition. 

The business intelligence analyst plays a vital role in all spheres namely banking and finance, insurance, retail and information technology.

Thus, in such times business intelligence analysts can contribute a great deal with their in-depth analysis that would help entrepreneurs take major commercial decisions. The major tasks of a business analyst include:

The most important job of a business analyst is to first understand all the challenges faced by the company. He must assess the strengths and also the weaknesses of that company and give relevant insight into it. He must make relevant recommendations to the client. This is a hard job that deals with working with numbers and a lot of facts. 

Market research is a big part of it and provides competitor edge and relevant insight. Bridging the gap between the technological complexity and the business requirements is another job for the business analyst. He must test the market conditions and come with a good plan.

The business intelligence analyst is also responsible with providing different relevant information and key insights for the client. Data processing and a lot of analysis also go into this. 

The business analyst must also be very capable of solving various issues. He or she must prove flexibility. Working for big corporation houses can really boost a business analyst’s career.

What is a Business Intelligence Strategy?

History is littered with business intelligence program failures. This has largely been to lack of information, poor project management planning and poor BI IT infrastructures. 

To overcome these disasters, many business intelligence teams are seeking to develop a comprehensive and robust business intelligence strategy to help guide them through the pitfalls

A business intelligence strategy ensures that all elements of BI are molded together in a logical way, each part leveraging the power of the others. This includes:

  •     Business Intelligence Competency Center [BICC]
  •     BI Governance
  •     Business Data
  •     BI Roadmap
  •     BI Program
  •     BI Infrastructure
  •     BI Software Tools

A business intelligence strategy acts as an overarching guide to each team involved with BI implementation.

Business intelligence is a business, not IT capability. This means that a BI strategy should be adopted by business stakeholders who have a good understanding of what the purpose of the BI strategy and the BI program is. 

At the high level these individuals have a good grasp of the business strategic objectives and the tactical measures most likely to be employed to meet those objectives. 

They also have a good overview of key value processes that contribute to achieving critical success factors in achieving these business intelligence strategy goals.

No business would consider embarking on a large investment without a sound strategy – beyond that provided by a standard business case, hence a business intelligence strategy is an essential part of core business. It ensures that the data created by the business is usable by the business in optimal ways.

Business Intelligence Systems

To obtain real value from a Business Intelligence Systems, know that you need a BI technique motivated from the experienced professionals. Business intelligence covers different divisions within a company, so without that review from the top generating it, the limitations between divisions can cause problem when applying the remedy and getting the value across the business. 

Business Intelligence Systems needs many different resources for it to be implemented effectively and the information it generates can end up in several different types and designs, this all indicates that it’s truly combination business and multiple experienced which will indicates you’ll need a way to generate how you want it combined out to the right people at the right time and what the objective is. 

The Business Intelligence Systems maturation design is the procedure used to determine where your company is these days in its maturation of BI software and emphasize where your company could possibly go later on. 

The maturation design can be very valuable when trying to determine the prospective advantage of these kind of systems, just as with the DSS (Decision Support Systems).

The purpose of the proper Business Intelligence Systems Dashboards is to allow the company to create reviews and research on their own company. This helps to keep the company aggressive and ensure that they are doing the job that is set out to do. 

The question is whether or not the company has the sources to do this process. Completing traditional Business Intelligence Systems needs that a division with specialized knowledge be able to complete the process. This can eat cash that could be invested elsewhere. 

Luckily, there are other solutions. Business owners can select to purchase an advanced piece of Decision Support application that will do much of the perform for them. 

Rather than spending ongoing cash on employment and work-related costs, the company can now pay instead for Business Intelligence Systems database integration. Having the right company process automated application means that those IT professionals on staff can focus their perform on projects that are helping to bring in cash rather than spend it. 

All that is required is to find the right customized database integration services. Once the right service has been found, customized application database integration can begin and the company is well on its way towards having the Business Intelligence Systems that is required without the ongoing cost that often comes with it.

It is important for companies to be aware of how their company is going and what could be enhanced. Finding the right BI System or DSS are the key to guaranteeing that it will happen. 

As an entrepreneur, you might be looking at the need for Business Intelligence Systems. All this implies is that you are able to get ready the appropriate reviews and perform the right research to make sure that your organization is on the right monitor. 

There are various methods you can do this and each of them can be effective. You can choose to seek the solutions of customized database integration solutions. 

These organizations are dedicated to Business Intelligence Systems database integration, such as setting up a proper data warehouse and modifying the data mining process, and will make a system that will do the work for you.

Decision Support Systems

Now all tasks can be managed with the key benefits of using Decision Support Systems. 

There are services that offer an innovative internet and reasoning technological innovation centered means for appointment and cooperation with associates of tasks in it, company research, government development and professional control. 

All venture professionals must engage in thinking and benefit from the key benefits of DSS software. Commerce companies usually have a need to make wise company choices every day. 

(DDS) or Decision support techniques are appropriate for working with this need. These are typically ways of modelling information and allowing critical excellent measures produced through the use of the patterned information. 

Frequently in company, producing the most appropriate quality will depend on the use of a particular excellent of details and precision of the evaluation of these details. This technique of using of information properly allows the recognition of general styles which can be used in the development of effective procedures in addition to solutions. 

Decision support systems tend to be software programs which can be associated with a human element which has the chance to review massive amounts of content and select the options. 

Most business intelligence systems are used in a large part of the various Decision support systems, implemented on a data warehouse and using modern data mining techniques in order to find all the secret patterns hidden in the information flow.

Despite common idea that Decision Support Systems include a selected area with regards to a company, a lot of current companies are developing the device in daily corporate matters. 

One illustration of this is the point that several companies currently download and evaluate sales information, predictions and budget linens regularly and use these to determine ideal company. 

Decision Support Systems in company control regardless of the point that information is always changing. Optimum use of DSS certainly is the collection and research of details. 

Smart company choices must then be produced depending on the results of the research. The necessary aspect associated with the program is really in the employment of raw or unstructured details and allowing it and then be a groundwork for selection. 

These types of systems usually control and cooperation can get a big boost by the key benefits of DSS on the internet cooperation designed. This device will allow each manager and group member that is doing Decision Support System activities on the internet, to begin the most efficient business journey within a venture plan such as the thinking and perceptive conceptualization procedures. 

With these benefits of such an analysis cooperation tools the effects of showing original ideas will be improved as members you can be sincere about aspects of a venture.

Privacy can be preserved with these benefits of DSS control and dashboarding in company research. DSS technological advancement will benefit consulting firms, company resource preparing, company control, government project development control and application architectural preparation. 

At a time when company is under a lot of stress, DSS software offers inspiration. Decision Support System allows members to evaluate some 80 processes against 2 to 3 weighted criteria. 

Because company can reach across the miles through the reasoning computing technological advancement of DSS application, these little companies can serve more clients and become much more productive. 

More productivity from these advantages of decision support system group collaborative tools with DSS advancement makes preparing much easier and affordable.

Why Your Company Needs Business Intelligence Software?

Who among business owners doesn’t wants to have a successful and effective business, to confidently compete with any other businesses out there? Of course, all of business owners are dreaming of this. 

A successful business is run efficiently by a business expert. It is not enough that you run, handle and manage a business only. Bear in mind that you have lots of competitors. 

There are lots of businesses out there that are offering just like yours. So, you badly in need of business intelligence software to help you run and manage well your business. The efficient data management is very important and efficient for any businesses. 

So, you need to have the ability to quickly and instantly collect and analyze the data or information that can help executives to make decisions. These decisions will help to place the company ahead in the market. 

Of course, no one wants to have a failure business and indeed, you badly need the efficacy of business intelligence software to run your business successfully. 

In making decisions in a business, you need to use software which enables you to manage well and effectively run the business to bring to the top in the business industry.

However, though the smallest business can get an overwhelming large pool of information by using the software. This will make the business intelligence software becomes an incredibly power supporter for your business. 

The business intelligence tools will make it possible for executives and managers to instantly make sense of the track and numbers of the progress in the business. It is nice to hear that a certain business becomes progressive with the help of business tools. 

So, it is important that these business tools will make all the difference onto your business. You can simply compare the standing and differences of your business from the time you did not use the business tool. 

There are a lot of business tools recently that has been appearing in the market. They are like mushrooms that are appearing gradually to excite businesses but you must have to be wise on your decision. 

Always take this in mind that a wrong choice at once will be a big mistake that destructs your business.

Though you prefer the traditional programs or the updated cloud marketing software program today, it is still important that you select the right business intelligence software program to assist your company reach its goals. 

Achieving the most effective and right decisions in choosing a business tool to be use is the right decision. If you pick the right business software, you are sure enough that you are doing this for the good of your business. 

Business intelligence software can arrange and organize the data in a format that is easily understood by the users. 

Indeed, business tool will make all the difference into your business. In previous flow of your business, you can check the differences from your current flow of business with use of the application from business intelligence software.

Dashboards: Growth and Applications

Business intelligence has seized center-stage in corporate America; investments in business intelligence were one of the top ten priorities for CIOs in 2004 according to a Gartner survey. Dashboards are getting to be as ubiquitous in corporate America as control systems in continuous process industries. 

Just like control systems read the pulse of production activity in continuous process industries, dashboards monitor the flow of activity in an enterprise and provide the data for decision-making. 

On the rebound from disappointment in the returns earned from IT in the late 1990s, corporate America sees in business intelligence a means to extract business value from their investments in technology.

The trend towards increased expenditure in business intelligence is likely to gather momentum in the medium-term future. A confluence of three mega-trends is encouraging companies to continue to invest in business intelligence. 

Regulatory compliance, the Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II, the pressure to increase productivity and the need to gain transparency into the fuzzy front end of innovation are the compelling drivers for increasing the demand for business intelligence systems.

Today’s corporate governance regulations require business leaders to remain on top of all transactions in their companies besides their traditional role of providing strategic direction to their companies which is impossible without assistance from technology. 

Similarly, a new approach to risk management, spelt out by Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley, requires monitoring of all operational risks inherent in the daily activities of businesses.

Business intelligence has been the foundation for the record growth in productivity growth in the USA. 

The ability of dashboards to provide visibility to business activity helps to uncover opportunities for efficient use of resources; it is now possible for companies to zero down on opportunities for cost reduction in any corner of the enterprise including among its partners.

The acceleration of outsourcing of mature industries to emerging markets in India and China has increased the urgency of innovation in corporate America. 

The fuzzy front-end of innovation, the absence of visibility about consumer need and the costs of new products, has been an enduring barrier to innovation and the cause of its low rates of commercial success. Business intelligence is helping to lower the cost of innovation.

According to an international survey of businesses, Gartner found that expenditures on business intelligence will accelerate in the future. 

In a sample of 917 businesses spread across the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, China, Japan and Australia of various industries and sizes, 39 percent said they need to increase their expenditure on business intelligence while 34% said they would keep it at the same level.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

Using Business intelligence systems have never been this popular before. Now all companies with some respect for themselves want some kind of decision support system or BI system in order the get the maximum out of all their stored data. 

But what are the benefits really of using such advanced software? For a lot of small companies, the costs of establishing such a system, collecting all the data and training an employee or two in the use of it would far outweigh the benefits of a modern BI system. 

But for larger companies it could really be gold. James from Slankekur, a company that installed a new BI system last year, mentions that this was one of the best things they have done. 

Now a later after implementing business intelligence in their company, their profit has increased by almost 20%. This is mainly because of optimizations based on the facts they found with the BI system. 

Using these systems, they could do better trendspotting, which enabled them to better know which products to focus on and when. They could see that their shipping department wasn’t effective enough to handle all the products made in the production line, so often there was either to many or too few products send to a certain destination. 

To read his whole story please visit by clicking on our source at the bottom of this page. Learn how they increased their sales with slankekur med nupo by analyzing their data and taking action based on the findings of these analysis. 

Knowing your computer 100% is one of the most powerful types of business tools you can get and a must if you want to compete with the top companies in your niche.

Many companies have experienced similar benefits with a BI system, by using advanced data mining algorithms, they can now find way more patterns in their stored data and having this pattern displayed in a way people can understand and then take action based on that information. 

A very simple version would be listing all the products sold over the last 5 years and displaying the total profit from every product in every state. 

You can then easily see which products are selling well in which states and which isn’t and then decide if you should stop wasting time and money on those not sell or increase the marketing in those states where it isn’t selling. 

Systems like Nupo or Nutrilett have been useful for a while but over the last year they aren’t quite what they used to be.

You then look at some of the products which haven’t sold for some years and then started selling, drills deeper down in the data and discovers what have changed and why they are now selling.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is used as a synonym for the term Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence and Its Future

Gartner paper 2009 predicted certain developments in the business intelligence market as follows

  • Due to lack of information, tolls, and processes, through 2012, 5000 of the top global companies, more than 35 per cent will regularly fail to make any insightful decision about any significant change in their markets and business.

  • 40 per cent of the total budget for the business intelligence will be controlled by business units, by 2012.

  • 20 per cent of the organizations by 2010 will have an analytic application for the industry-specific delivered through software as a service as the standard component of the business intelligence portfolio.

  • Collaborative decision making in 2009 will emerge as the new product category which combines all the social software with the platform capabilities of business intelligence.

  • One-third of the analytic applications by 2012 applied to the business processes which will be delivered through the coarse-grained application mashups.

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