15 Great Google Tricks That You Can Share with Your Friends

Google Tricks are fun things for Google. It’s something you can show your friends and impress them with your geeky side of things.

Since Google does not provide any instructions on how to refine your searches, we thought we would create this article to help you by providing visitors with a detailed guide to all of Google Tricks

Not only that, but we’ll show you a lot of fun Google Tricks that aren’t meant to be searched, but simply to put a smile on your face.

How many times have you tried to search for something on Google and were disappointed with the search results? We know what we have. Using these Google tips and tricks, we can refine our search so you find what you are looking for.

Google Tricks

Google tips and tricks

How many times do you need to have fun while you’re bored with your laptop or computer? Do you play casual games like Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil just for fun? 

But the real fun is browsing the fun part of Google. Fun Google search tricks are the best way to have fun on your laptop.

And we have compiled a list of fun Google search tips and tricks that can yield results that you will laugh at. You won’t find these fun tricks anywhere else, and I bet it.

1. Funny Google mirror

I still remember how we pronounced some pieces from right to left, just to have a little fun. Like “FUN” in “NUF”.

But this is Google Mirror – a kind of game where everything is flipped horizontally, and even if you enter something in the search box, it will display in reverse.

It’s completely insane to search in the Google mirror.

To try this fun Google search trick, you just need to search for “Google Mirror” on Google and click on the first search result. You can also click here to jump straight to the game.

2. Google’s underwater trick

Searching for and watching their results underwater is pretty damn fun. Trust me, you will feel like you are underwater. You can enjoy the fun of spending a hundred dollars on a ticket to the water park.

Doing a Google search for Underwater and clicking on the first result will take you to the water planet, with Google floating at the top.

3. Google guitar

Google Search Tricks

The Google Guitar has already been discussed in the best Google Search Tricks. And that, too, falls under the funniest Google tricks.

You can play music on your laptop keyboard using Google Guitar, which is a very popular musical instrument among computer fans.

Some tunes are already given right below the search box. You don’t need to learn the musical instruments of this google. Just search for more ringtones online and start playing this virtual guitar madly.

4. Google terminal

Let’s go back in time and imagine Google in the 1980s. What would it look like?

There was no modern graphical user interface at the time. So, in the form of binaries and a DOS program, you are presented with Google.

However, the search will not work as it is not migrated using the Google search API. Anyway, it made me smile when I saw it.

5. Draw a heart using Google

Google tips and tricks

From time to time on Google and on any popular site, you will find funny tricks and special treats called Easter eggs. With the recent passing of Valentine’s Day, this is quite apt.

The Google search engine can do much more than just redirect you to that website for which you always forget the domain. He can also do your homework, or rather your math homework. 

Simple addition and subtraction are child’s play. How about converting units or converting equations to graphs? Of course, why not.

Google can plot a heart graph, just copy and paste the following search string:

    sqrt (cos (x)) * cos (300x) + sqrt (abs (x)) -0.7) * (4-x * x) ^ 0.01, sqrt (6-x ^ 2),-sqrt (6-x ^ 2) from -4.5 to 4.5

Copy it, go to Google, paste it in the search field and click on “Google Search” … Magic!

6. Draw Batman Bat logo with Google

Batman is arguably one of the coolest superheroes of all time. Its bat logo is also one of the coolest superhero logos out there, and nothing says cool like Google’s colored Batman logo drawn using a complex math equation! To have Google draw the Batman logo on the graph, simply copy the following equation into the Google search box and press Enter.


7. Do the Google barrel roll trick

Google is fun, and when you land on the google search box with this keyword, it hits you with a 360-degree twist. This is a kind of back somersault that modern dancers do.

I’ve never missed a kick trick in Asphalt Airborne 8 or Asphalt Nitro Game. That’s why I love this search term “Make a barrel.”

8. Tilt the google search screen

It’s like Google is leaning over to kiss a google woman. laughing out loud. But without tilting the head, fixing the lips is impossible. Right?

The search box will have a small title when you start searching after entering this keyword in the search box.

9. Google gravity

Google search tricks

Just open Google home page in your browser. And type “Google Gravity” in the search bar, then click on the ” I’m Feeling Lucky” button.

However, Google is on Earth but still dangling in the center of your browser window. Don’t you think that it should also be influenced by gravity?

The Google Gravity search trick will bring all the elements of the Google home page to the bottom of your laptop window, and you will definitely feel the gravity inside your computer.

It looks like you have attached a magnet to the baseline of your browser. There are other fun Google tricks as well, like Google gravity.

10. Zerg Rush Google search game

This is completely insane because you are not going to win this game at any cost. Only if you have a machine gun to shoot multiple O’s at once. Zerg rush is the craziest Google trick of 2021.

No more asking for cool Google search tips, reading the fun tricks above and reading on.

11. Askew to skew the search window

When the search box is slightly skewed, it looks a little ridiculous. There are a few things that only Google can do, and it has proven the same with these projects.

12. Search for the exact phrase “”

If you want to search for a specific set of words on a website in the same order as you type, put the keyword phrase in quotation marks and hit google search.

For example: you need web pages that contain exactly the sentence – an amazing Google Gravity trick that costs itself. Next, you need to search for “The Amazing Google Gravity Trick That Is Standalone.”

This trick is used by plagiarism checker tools to avoid duplicate content as well as detect copyright infringement. Especially for a copywriter, because a copywriter never wants his hard work to be published anywhere else without his explicit consent.

13. Google will tell you what it knows through the information of the webpage

If you enter info: yoursite.com into Google, Google will show you the page that has your link at the top of the page, with a short description followed by the phrase “Google may show you the following information for this URL.” 

This special page collects multiple requests about your site, including pages containing your URL (all pages that Google knows about and that are linked to you).

14. “OR” or “AND”

Google Tricks

Use the OR operator to include one of the keywords, or AND to include both keywords in the search results.

15. Search for a range of numbers

Enter “…” between numbers to search for specific numbers in the range.

Final Words

Notably, none of the above lists of funny Google Tricks were developed by Google itself. And the website that hosts all of the aforementioned fun stuff is not affiliated with Google.

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