14 Pencil Drawing Ideas & Techniques to Become a Master

If you have a burning desire to become a pencil drawing master, then you are in luck that you are reading this Pencil Drawing Ideas & Pencil Drawing Techniques. Not every aspiring artist gets support from pencil drawing experts. If, for one reason or another, you have been held back because of your dream of becoming a pencil artist, then here is your chance to break free of limitations and give life to your talent.

7 Elements of Art

In art, there are always rules and tricks for making art. Without rules and tricks, there would be no works of art. As with any other subject like mathematics and English, everyone has their own rules. In art, the rules are from one to seven. That’s right, seven. I guess I would not call the tricks “Rules”, I would call them elements, as they are actually called. So, I think you might be ready to know what the seven elements are. If you have an art test, it would be a good idea to study it. Below is a list of each item with this definition.

  •     Line – It is the simplest definition of all. A line is commonly known as a moving point created by a sharp tool such as a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or any other object.
  •     Shape – Shape is when lines collide together, creating space within the collision. For example: star, square, circle, etc.
  •     Form – Form is all that takes up space. Usually the shape is three-dimensional, such as a sphere, cube, or pyramid.
  •     Color – It is an element used to make artwork attractive, and to help you understand color, look at a rainbow. Everything you see on a rainbow is color.
  •     Texture – It is an element that represents the quality of any work of art. For example: Additional details.
  •     Meaning – represents the lightness and darkness of the artwork.
  •     Space – represents the distance from one object to another.

You really need to learn the seven elements of art. They really come in handy. Now it’s time for the Pencil Drawing Ideas

Pencil Drawing Ideas

Hello everyone, it’s time for a new entry and this time the tutorial will be hosted by kvchamera2.org. This is a detailed guide about the “Pencil Drawing Ideas” that shows the artist how to draw a car, faces, shapes and trees with pencil drawing?

1. How to Sketch

Pencil Drawing Techniques

Let’s learn the hardest art of drawing. Oh wait… drawing can be easy, but difficult at the same time. Well, its appearance depends on the quality of the picture you are sketching. Never mind… sketching is fun anywhere. Agree, at school you paint. 

Sometimes it’s pretty fun. Thinking that you are a real artist, you paint things that you think you know what you are doing, but in reality, you are not. Enough stinginess and more with lessons. In this tutorial, we’ll start with the basics. How are we going to learn the basics? 

Well, let’s explain this for an easier understanding of the sketches. Keep your ideas and pencil loose. Sketching is about coming up with ideas, which means that whatever someone draws is random. A sketch can also be a blush for something. 

When sketching, start with large shapes, which means start with shapes that will help speed up the process. Shaping will help you create the finer details of your sketch, which will speed up its completion. After that, everything should be ready. 

2. Sketch People

And here is another fantastic and useful drawing lesson. Everyone draws someone, especially people. The only problem these days is that “we don’t know how to draw people.” We have a solution to this problem. This time, surprisingly, it was not created by an ordinary artist Don, but by someone else. 

This is an artist who can paint as well as the Dawn. Her name is Katie and she is a terrific realist painter, which means she is well versed in portraits. 

So, let’s start by choosing the perfect eyes for your person. There are so many options you can choose from (emo, ugly, masculine, girly, trendy, etc.). Below are illustrations of different types of eyes.

Now that you have taken a look at the drawing of the eyes for a moment, now you will take a look at the drawing of the mouth, because you really need to learn how to draw the mouth in stages. Drawing a mouth is the hardest part to draw on a person’s face. 

Especially drawing a male mouth, because you always get a female mouth, so please study the illustration.

3. Draw faces

It is similar to drawing people, but we are going to learn how to draw faces, for example… keeping in mind the details. So, let’s start with just two tips, because it’s like repeating how to draw people. They are both similar, and I downloaded this guide because some people think differently when searching. 

So, let’s start with the first tip: come up with the character you want to draw. Depressed character? Emo character? It’s up to you, not me. Second tip… train your nose. I know, I know this is the most common tip, but the nose is the hardest part of the face. 

Also, lips, practice drawing those lips. It is difficult to draw lips on a male sketch because they look like female lips. Below are 4 steps to show you how to draw a face. Enjoy!

4. Draw eyes

Welcome to Sketch Pencil and the very first tutorial to be presented here! I wanted to post a tutorial that will give you a lot of tips and tricks on how to “draw eyes”. As an artist, I have problems drawing this part of the human body. The face is usually the most challenging task due to the symmetry required to create a neat and tidy face. 

To learn how to draw faces, you need to learn how to draw the basic elements of a human face. Buy yourself a nice set of sketching pencils, a kneaded or polyester eraser, a sturdy sharpener, and a few napkins and / or cotton tips. 

The wipes will guide you through the smear process all over your face. I hope you find this tutorial resourceful, because it was definitely enjoyable to teach “how to draw eyes” step by step. Well, let’s get down to the tutorial!

Step 1: First you must create a basic sketch of the eye you are trying to draw. Don’t exaggerate the details because the shading will take care of that for you. I would recommend using a regular 2H pencil for this part of the process.

Step 2: Then apply a base wash for your painting as it will be used as the main shadows. An eye translated in shades of gray is never white, but mixed with a grayish tint. For washing, use a 3B pencil, smearing with napkins.

Step 3: Work on the shadows more using a 4B pencil with light strokes so you can blend them more into the fabric. You will need to repeat this until you add a few basic details to the drawing. Take your time as this process can be very tedious!

Sketch Eye

5. Sketch out a nose

How to sketch a nose – something really useful for drawing. If it’s an anime nose, the best way to draw it is to draw a dot, two dots, or just draw the lining of the nose. Drawing an anime nose is easy, but when it comes to drawing a real person’s nose, it gets tricky. So, let’s learn how to draw both. 

Sketch Nose

6. Sketch Hands

So where do we start? Let’s start with the basics – knowing the shapes of your hands. You can find many shapes. It is impossible not to find some kind of hand shape. There is always a way. Take a look at the example below. This gives you a great idea of what you could do if you were creative. 

Let me tell you this: drawing hands is not an easy task. It takes a month of practice. Don’t wait for a day of practice, because there is no mastering in one day.

So, you have a wonderful hand chart that you can use as a reference. I don’t admit it’s easy, because it’s not. So, what do we do now, you ask? 

Having found and drawn the shape that you decided to choose, you will now start with a simple step called “Drawing wrinkles on the arm.” I know it’s not difficult at all. There should be an illustration below that shows you example of two wrinkled hands.

Sketch Hand

7. Sketch Feet

You got to understand what I’m talking about when I mention stability of the human body. It doesn’t have to be a human body but also a dragon’s, ogres, or any living organism. 

So, drawing feet is pretty complex because of all the angles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw feet, period. There are solutions, techniques, and other weird stuff to draw feet. 

What I do first is find the angle of the feet to let you know what direction, rotation, position your feet should be located. Basic tips like this will certainly get you to understand how to draw feet.

Sketch Feet

8. Draw clothes

I have some cool tips and tricks for a basic fashion guide for this outfit, which is pretty easy. Take this tutorial and feel free to use it as your own tool to improve your drawing skills. It is best to use multiple sketching pencils for different types of clothing, as it may take several levels of sketching to achieve a good result. Practice using patterns in other clothes to improve your skills in them. 

Sketch Cloths

9. Draw a car

The artist is gifted and very attentive, and once you start following the instructions, you should be on your way to creating a detailed sketch of the car. Cars are one of the most difficult and challenging objects to draw because they are full of contour lines, different shapes, and also saturated with detail and clarity. 

The first thing to do before even trying to draw a realistic car is to first make sure you know how to draw a base car. If you go to an advanced lesson like this, you’ll find yourself pulling at your hair, biting your drawing pencils and feeling even more frustrated than you might imagine. 

Everyone knows what happens to artists who get frustrated, they get frustrated, and when you get frustrated, you lose creative juices and steam up, which then results in no drawing. 

Without practice, you will never be perfect. I suggest you, if you are one of those aspiring artists who are not confident in their skills, first improve your basic drawing skills and then move up to intermediate level, and then you should be ready to try and tackle this complex drawing that will teach you how to draw a car… 

But first things first, so if you just want to look at the post to see how it is done to gain energy and inspiration, go for it, otherwise you should at least know how to draw a car at an intermediate level before having fun. with a sketch of a car. Anyway, I hope you have fun.

Sketch Car

10. Sketch Dogs

Basic shapes such as a circle are needed to draw a dog. When you think about it, sketching a dog is pretty easy. Drawing a dog is almost the same as drawing a horse. But why do I just say it all the time? Because I use it for motivation. It really helps… hopefully anyway. 

For this drawing tutorial, I found the German Shepherd – my favorite type of dog. If you take a little look at it, you will realize that drawing a circle is your first step. Lots of shapes are used to draw anything.

Sketch Dogs

11. Draw trees

When a professional artist starts painting a medium, he obviously starts with a skill called sketching. Everyone starts sketching for their initial step. This is the first tip: D I know I should have told you about it. I will give 4 tips for drawing a tree. 

The second tip is to look around the visualization and try drawing and looking at the same time. This will benefit you when you’re done sketching. The 3rd step is not to sketch all the leaves, but some. 

Why? Because this is just a sketch. This is not the final drawing. Don’t go into the details of your sketch. 4th tip – try to draw a lining of wood… you know, a stump, a log, you know – a support for the tree. These are all steps you must remember and be sure to practice at all times. 

12. Sketch a Rose

Let’s learn to draw what everyone loves to draw – a rose. That’s right, rose. I know the title I gave could also be called How to Draw a Realistic Rose, but the website is all about sketches and the tutorial looks like a sketch. Do you get the idea? Well… let’s start with three tips. 

1st tip – Draw a simple rose design first. After that, you will need to add some details to it. The 3rd step is to finish it with a nice dark and thick charcoal pencil using a technique called a stroke. 

13. Draw Shapes

I know what you are thinking. Why do I need to learn to draw shapes? Well, you need to learn how to draw shapes, because everything in art is all shapes. Yes, we will provide some examples. So, let’s start by using shapes. Think of shapes as building blocks for creating something so artistic, so beautiful and sophisticated. You use forms everywhere.

Let’s give a small example. You want to paint a face. What are you doing? You can start with a circle and then start with a triangle for the chin. To understand the concepts behind using shapes, let’s move on to building diagrams.

14. Draw chibis

Finally, something nice for sketching chibi characters, or just how to sketch chibi. Drawing something fun, and I think anime fans love that kind of thing. The chibi sketch is similar to the dwarf sketch, but this is a prettier version. You know? The chibi sketch is similar to the child’s sketch of the character. So, what was it like? 

At the moment there are 2 tips. One more tip. Remember to draw a chibi you need to draw a big head with big cute eyes. Interesting, right? Well, let’s start with a visual and end this tutorial. Enjoy!

Thanks, that’s all for today. Keep practicing Best Of Luck!

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